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Battle of the little big horn
were crazy horse and george custer fought
J.W. McGaffey
Invented the vaccum cleaner
Samuel Gompers
Was a muckraker that wrote the jungle corruption of the meat packing industry
Jack London
Call of the wild novelist
Jane Addams
Founder of the hull house
Lead by Rocoe Conkling, pro grant, anti civil service reform
James G. Blaine
was the leader fo the half breeds, anti grant, mid/civil service reform
Leon czolgosz
Assasinated william mckinley
Rutherford B. Hayes
1877-1881 republican from ohio closet election in us history
Pendelton act
act that regulates civil service reform
William Jennings Bryan
Ran against Mckinley and lost
Information that isnt always true
Joseph Pulitzer
was a yellow journalist
Mary elizabeth lease
populast congresswomen from iowa raise less corn and more hell
Patorns of husbandry
way founded by oliver kelley
Delome letter
A letter written about mckinley leaked to the press
Butcher weyler
commander of cuba
Rough Riders
T. roosevelt led the group into battle during spanish american war
David Graham phillips
wrote the treasure of the senate
Upton sinclair
Muckraker who wrote the jungle
Hazen Pingree
progression mayor of detroit
Voting on the initiative
Robert Lafollette
Progressive governer from wisconsin
Charles evans hughes
Progressive governor from new york
William Mckinley
Republican from ohio assasinated by leon czologosz
Gifford pichot
head of forestry
William H. Taft
a republican from ohio 1909 1913
Louis Brandeis
was appointed by woodrow wilson to the supreme court first
was a boat that was sank and was one of the reasons the us went to war
Versailles treaty
Blamed Germany for the wasr punished severly