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"Brain Trusts"
FDR's use of highly educated advisors, used to make him sound more intellegent
fireside chats
every saturday, FDR talked on radio, supposed to soothe people and give them a better view of things and a boost of confidence
bank holiday
when FDR immediately closed all the banks in the US for several weeks, told people that the banks were on a break, people bought this, the banks got together with the govt. and passed laws
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC)
brought recovery and some reform, money that was in a bank would now be insured up to a certain level, created confidence, people wanted to put their money in banks now
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
made to reform the stock market and build up confidence in the American people
Agriculture Adjustment Act (AAA)
govt. insures farmers a certain price for a crop and if you cant sell it then the govt. will buy it from you at that price
Farm Security Administration (FSA)
relief- hired workers, mostly photographers
Dorothea Lange
great american photographer, photographer of the people, visual messenger of america's everyman
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
produced electricity, owned by the govt., hydro-electric power, gave many people electricity for the first time
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
provided work and relief for men 18-25 years old, mostly white males, in rural areas, bult rd's, payed for work but required to send a percentage home, FDR's fav. program
Dr. Townsend
doesnt believe there is enough for the ederly, wanted a retirement plan so they wouldnt starve and would be able to afford things since they no longer work, popular in california
Father Coughlin
roman catholic priest, on the radio, didnt believe there was enough for the poor
Huey Long
began the share the wealth program, couldnt live up to promises--- couldnt provide everyone with a house, job, and car, financially impossible
Social Security
collect money at the age of 62--most people live to be 63 then. aid for widows and children without fathers
Wagner Act
gives laborers more rights and power
General Motors strike
workers march in and sit down, sit for several days, GM doesnt know what to do so they call in the police to drag them out
"court packing"
when FDR couldnt get anything passed b/c supreme court was full of republicans so he decided that for everyone over the age of 60 that he would also place a younger man... democrats, people hated this, called FDR a dictator
Frances Perkins
secretary of labor, 1st women in cabinet, FDR influenced to hire her by Eleanor
Eleanor Roosevelt
married to FDR, has 6 children, influences husband b/c she is his legs---he cant walk b/c of his polio, volunteers and hospitals, found a girls seminary school, first lady, writes syndicated column my day, defies segregation, believes in rights for women, head of UN human rights commission, very influential
New Deal
National Recovery Act (NRA), abandons gold standards, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Creation of TEnnessee Valley Authority (TVA), Agriculture Adjustment Act (AAA), Bank Holiday
Public Works Administration (PWA)
established to administer the NRA's spending programs
John C. Lewis
leader of the United Mine Workers
Grand Coulee Dam
this dam provided cheap electricity for northwest, and it enabled transformation of the west after WWII
General Motors strike
workers march in and sit down, sit for several days, GM doesnt know what to do so they call in the police to drag them out