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Daniel Shays/Shays Rebellion
BAckcountry farmers demanded that massachussetts stops sezing property, prints paper money, and lowers taxes. A small army was raised that put down this rebellion.
Alexander Hamilton
Saved Constitutional Convention in 1786
Engineered adoption of his report.
A strong political leader.
Financial genius, convinced government to assume state debts and fixed the economy.
Protective Tariffs for infant industries.
James Madison
Strong Political leader, did not like slavery but thought fighting over it would bring more problems than it would solve.
The Federalists wanted a strong Central government while the Anti-Federalists wanted a strong state government.
Checks and Balances
A number of laws or acts that prevented one branch of goverment to dominate the others.
Independant Executive
Bicameral legislature
independant judiciary
checks and balances
represenative democracy
federalist system
national supremacy
Power lies with the people.
Consent of the Governed
The people have to agree on the government in order for it to govern them
3 branches
consent of the governed
Limited government
States rights
States had the rights to protect themselves and establish institutions that the Constitution did not
Great Compromise/Three-fith's compromise
Slaves were considered in the population although were counted with taxes.

House of represenatives was determined by population.
Land Ordinance/ Northwest Ordinance
acreage of the old northwest should be sold and used to pay off national debt. Divided into townships where 1 square mile was set aside for schools.
Northwest ordinance governed how the new territory should be admitted into the union.
John Adams
President, opted for peace instead of war after XYZ affair. Saved countries economy
Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of State.
Opposed to BoUS
John Jay
Bargained with Britain in 1794.
Madison's collaborator on "The Federalist" papers became the first chiefe justice of the united states.
Citizen Genet