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________This was a reform movement that sought to return control of the government to the people
This movement was to protect the natural resources of the nation, what was it called?
The term Square Deal described the reforms of what President
Theodore Roosevelt
Federal Trade commission was a watchdog agency given the power to stop what?
Unfair Business Practices
The Federal Reserve Commission was a plan that reformed and changed the organization of what institution?
American Banks
The progressive movement did not promote what?
Business monopolies
Journalists were also called by another name for exposing bad business practices
What is a referendum?
A bill that originates from the people rather thatn legislators
Florence Kelley had nothing at all to do with women receiving the right to ______.
Upton Sinclair exposed unsanitary conditions in the meat-packing industry by writing what book?
The Jungle
"Bully pulpit" was a term given to which President?
Teddy Roosevelt
Pure Food and Drug Act required that these _______
were truthful.
Equality among the races was the goal of what organization?
Another term for eliminating alcohol in society was called_______.
Taft was defeated in 1912 because he failed to do what?
Unify the Republican Party