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Shay's Rebellion
A group of debt-ridden farmers who marched on the courts to stop the sale of farms for nonpayment of debts
Complete disorder that can result from having no government or laws.
People interested in strengthening the Union
Constitutional Convention
The meeting of delegates in Philadelphia that resulted in the drafting of the constitution
Philosophical movement in which thinkers emphasized reason as the key to understanding nature, economics, and politics.
Seperation of Powers
The purpose for the three branches of Government
Checks and Balances
A government that balances one branch against another
Virginia Plan
A set of resolutions that proposed a national government with three branches: legislative, judicial, and executive.
Seperation of powers
the division of governmental power into executive, legislative, and judicial powers
Proportional Representation
representation based on population
Great Compromise
a plan providing for a two house congress. The House of Representatives and the Senate.
Bringing an official to trial for misconduct in office.
Electoral College
A body of electors
Supremacy Clause
Says that the laws and treaties of the United States must be upheld by the state courts.
Final Approval
The distribution of power between a central government and its political subdivisions
Supporters of the constitution
Those apposed to the constituion
"The Federalist"
A series of newspaper essays to persuade New York to favor the constitution
an interest group
Bill of Rights
The first ten amendments to the constitution
Founding Fathers
The delegates to the Constitutional Cconvention
Judicial Review
The power to declare a law unconstitutional
Elastic Clause
Permits Congress to pass laws as necessary to carry out its existing powers.
President's formal group of advisors
Senatorial Courtesy
When a president consults with the senators of the same political party before appointing federal officials in their home state.
Executive Priviledge
Is the right of the president to refuse to appear before a congeressional committee