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A person who supported American Independence
Whig or Patriat
A person who supported Britain
Tory or Loyalist
What theory assumed that a country's power increased as its wealth increased and that main purpose of a colony was to benefit the mother conuntry. The theory further held that to increase its wealth a country must ____ more than it ______.
export, import
The ____ Act of 1699 forbade the export of wool. The ___ Act of 1732 forbade the export of beaver hats. the Molasses Act of 1733 placed heavy duties on sugar and molasses imported from the French West Indies. The ____ Act of 1750 forbade the manufacture of iron products.
Britain's policy of only loosely enforcing its trading regulations was known as ________ _______.
Salutary Neglect
General search warrants that allowed cutoms official to search any home, ship or warehouse were called _____ of ___________.
Writs of assistance
Patriotic men and women who helped resist the Stamp Act and enforce nonimportation were called the ____ and _________ of _______.
Sons and Daughters of Liberty.
After the Stamp Act was repealed in 1766 the British issued the ___________ Act which stated that all British laws were binding on the American colonies.
Declaratory Act
The _________ Acts of 1770 were a series of revenue generating duties on such products as glass, lead, paper paint and tea. America, upset with this legislation, stadged a _______ of British goods and Britain repealed all of the duties except the ___ tax.
Tea tax
In 1770, after colonists harassed British Redcoats in Boston, British soldiers fired their guns into an angry mob. This was known as the ______ ________
Boston Massacre
Started in 1772 in Massachusetts by Samuel Adams, ___________ of ______________ were forming throughout the colonies as a means of keeping all of the colonies informed about what was happening in the rest of America.
Committees of Correspondence