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Great Plains
grassland extending through the west-central portion of the U.S.
Treaty of Fort Laramie
The Siox agreed to live on a reservation along the Missouri River. This was forced on the Siox.
Gold Rush
People rushed to search the Nlack Hills for gold. Around 1874
Custer's Last Stand
Siox and the Cheyenne Native Americans crushed Colonel Custer's troops.
a plan under which Native Americans would give up their beliefs and way of life and become part of the white culture.
The Dawes Act
Created to "Americanize" the Native Americans.
The Distruction of the Buffalo
Tourists and fur traders shot buffalo for sport. Devastating to Native Americans.
The Battle of Wounded Knee
Dec. 28, 1890

The 7th Cavalry rounded up about 350 Siox & took them to camp. The 7th Cavalry killed over 300 Native Americans. Brought an end to teh Indian Wars.
Chisholm Trail
the major cattle route from San Antonio, Texas through Oklahoma to Kansas.
Long Drive
The transport of animals, lasted about 3 months.
The fed. gov't made huge land grants to the railroads.
Homestead Act
Offered 160 acres of land free to any citizen or intended citizen who was head of the household.
African Americans who moved form the post-Reconstruction South of Kansas.
A sod home.
Morrill Act of 1862 & 1890
Fed. Government gave federal land to the states to help finance agricultural colleges.
Bonanza Farms
Enormous single crop spreads of 15,000-50,000 acres.
Oliver Hudson Kelley
Started the Grange which was an organization that provided a social outlet and an educational forum for isolated farm families.
the movement of the people. The populist party believed in giving a voice to the people.
a monetary system where the government would give people either gold or silver in exchange for paper money.

People who supported this were the "silverites" mostly farmers and laborers. They wanted it because they hoped it would put more money in circulation and they needed money.
Gold Standard
Backing dollars solely with gold.
People that supported this were "gold bugs"
William McKinley
Republican Party nominee for pres.

Wanted the Gold Standard
William Jennings Bryan
A democratic nominee for president. He was a populist leader and he gave the "Cross of Gold" speech at the Dem. Convention.
Vertical Integration
When a company buys out all the companies that supply them with materials or services to make their product.
social darwinism
The idea that some people flourish and pass their genes on to their children. The strong survive and are the most successful, while the week struggle.