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national policy of avoiding involvement in the affairs of other nations
reduction of the size of a country's military
Emily Greene Balch
part of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom receive the Noble Peace Prize 1946
Charles Evan Hughes
US secretary state who organized the Wahington Conference
Kellogg- Briand Pact
sined by US and 14 other nations that outlawed war except for self defense
Adolf Hitler
planned revenge against those who betrayed Germany head of the Nazi party
totalitarian state
a political system where the government controls every aspect of citizen's lives
hatred of Jews
Benito Mussolini
founded the fascist party in 1921
Fascist Party
followers believed a military- dominated government should control all aspects of society
followers of Mussolini who gained power in Italy
Joseph Stalin
the leader of the 'Soviet Union and turned it into a totalitarian state
Nazi Party
National Socialist Party led by Hitler rose to power in Germany
Nazi Stormtroopers
"Night of the Broken
Glass" Nov 9 night when Nazis destroyed many Jewish buildings
Francisco Franco
leader of the Fascists
Popular Front
International coalition united against Fascism term used by Stalin in 1935 speech