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The Era of Good Feelings
The time after the war when the U.S. was at peace and a national agreement.
The Monroe Doctrine
President Monroe wrote a statement to European powers saying North and South America were off limits to colonizaton by any foreign country.
The Missouri Compromise
Missouri enters the Union a slave state while Maine joined as a free state.
The American System
The plan for using high tarrifs to pay for international improvements.
The Nominating Conventions
Meetings to select a party's presidential and vice presidential candidates.
The Democratic Party
Andrew Jackson's supporters (mostly poor citizens and fronier settlers).
The Spoils System
Jackson's reward to some of his supporters was government jobs.
States' Rights
elief that state power should be greater than federal power.
Calhoun's declaration that the states had the right to not obey any federal law they disagreed with.
The Tariff of Abominations
Nickname for any new tariffs (taxes on imports and exports) Congress passed.
The Indian Removal Act
Authorized the removal of Indians who lived east of the Mississippi.
Indian Territory
An area containin most of present-day Oklahoma that was set as a new homeland for removed tribes.
Worchester Versus Georgia
Cherokee Nation tried to use fed. court to stay where they were, but they lost and were relocated.
Trail of Tears
The 800-mile road the Cherokee tribe marched where almost one fourth of the 18,000 Cherokee died.