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What area was considered the Back country?
The western part of the England colonies, Middle colonies,and the southern colonies. It ran along the Appalachian Mountains.
What is substance farming?
It is producing enough food for themselves and sometimes extra to trade in town.
What is the importance of cash crops?
It let people be able to sell crops and it let the middle colonies be known as the breadbasket colonies.
What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts?
It was to let England make money through colonists' trades
What did it mean to have a diverse population in a colonial region?
It means to have different kinds of people live in a certain area
What was true about Conestoga Wagons?
They were made by Germans, they had curved beds so the items wouldn't fall out, it had wide wheels for the dirt for stability, and it had a canvas cover so the wagon wouldn't get wet.
Most people in New England earned their living through...
Germans and Dutch immigrants came to the English colonies and settled mainly in the...
Middle colonies
The... required that all trade with the colonies had to be trandported on English ships.
Navigation Acts
Because of their wealth, the south's... gained political control over the colonies.
Upper class or elite planter class
... were the first Wuropeans to come into contact with the Native Americans in the backcointry.
Two important cash crops in the ... were rice and tobacco.
Middle colonies
In the middle passage of the triangular trade, enslaved Africans were transported to the West Indies where they were exchanged for...
iron and rum
The growth of trade made ... the fastest growing city in all the colonies
The largest number of free blacks lived in the...
New England
Farming was more difficult in the... than it was in the other colonies.
New England
What was distinctive about th New England Colonies?
New England had long winters and rocky soil and English settlers made up the largest group in the population.
What were the major industries that made the New England Colonies prosper?
shipbuilding, fishing, and trade
For the few enslaved Africans who could buy their freedom, what type of future awaited them?
They could be a merchant, sailor, printer, carpenter, or landowner.
In what ways was plantation life similar to Back country life?
They both had to raise their own food. There weren't large factories and they were both self-sufficient.
What were key factors in the decline of the Puritan religion?
The drive for economical success competed with Puritan ideas, increasing competition from other religious groups, political changes that guaranteed religious freedom for all Protestants, not just Puritans.