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When did people first arrive in America
between 15,000 and 30,000 years ago
What was the Renaissance
a period of renewed interest in teh cultures of ancient Greece and Rome
When Columbus landed in the Bahamas, where did he think he was?
The Indies
why did millions of Native Americans die when they came into contact with Europeans
they had no immunity to European diseases
Which country financed Columbu's voyage across the Atlantic in 1492?
What was on of the first crops tha Native Americans grew to make bread?
Who made up the General Court of Massachusetts?
peopole who owned stock in teh Massachusetts Bay Company
What war was fought between Native Americans and colonists because the colonists wanted the natives to follow Colonial Law?
King Philip's War, most native americans were gone from New England after this
How did the English government view the colonies after the English Civil War?
sources of raw materials
Mercantilist believe that to become ealthy and powerful, a country had to do what?
accumulate gold and silver
Why did Thomas Hooker disagree with the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
he believed that everyone should be allowed to vote, not just church members.
Why was the Georgia colony founded?
it was a place where debtors could start over.
What was the economy in the Southern colonies based on?
agriculture (farming)
Who conquered the Inca in South America
Which Conquistador defeated the Aztecs?