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1775 Located in Masschusetts;first battle of the American Revolusion;
Lexington and Concord
1775 Located near Boston;some people confused the hills in reporting the battle and it was actullay fought on Breed's Hill
Bunker Hill
Thomas Jefferson was the key author
Declaration of Independence
1776 Located in New Jersey;Washingon's troops acheived total surprise and defeat the English forces.
1777 Located in the northeast of New York; It was the turning point.
1778 Goerge Washington's winter camp
Winter at Valley Forge
1781 located on a peninsula; it was the last battle
was one enslaved African from VA who served with the troops of the Continental Army under the leadership of the French General.
James Armistead Lafayette
In Richmond Va, by stated,''...give me liberty or give me death.''
Patrick Henry
the last battle was .........
The Battle of Yorktown