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St Augustine, Florida
First successful American Colony.
1st English Settlement, sponsored by the Virginia Company, early leader was John Smith.
Married John Rolfe, daughter of Powhatan, "saved John Smith", moved to england and treated like royalty.
What did John Rolfe do?
tobacco man.
House of Burgesses
1st representative assembly in Virginia
Mayfower Compact
1620 made by pilgrims on the Mayflower; agreed to obey "just/equal laws"
Date of City on a Hill?
Date Jamestown was established?
Date The House of Burgesses took place?
Date St Augustine, Florida was established?
When was the Mayflower compact created?
Anne Hutchinson, "spoke to..."
"Spoke to God"
How and why Did Anne Huchinson Die?
She was killed by indians over a land dispute.
When ang Where was Roger Williams banished from and why?
1635, Massachusetts, because he believed in compensating indians for their land and believed in separation of church and state.
What did Roger Williams establish?
Providence (Rhode Island)
When Did the Maryland Act of Religious Toleration take place?
What did the Maryland Act of Religious Toleration state?
All Christians were guerenteed the "free exercise" of religion.
Who Did the Maryland Act of Religious Toleration punish?
Those who denied the divinity of jesus.
When did Bacon's Rebellion take place?
What Was Bacon's Rebellion about?
"Not enough protection from the Indians"
What Happened in Bacon's Rebellion?
Many innocent Indians Killed because Bacon wanted to Rule.
What did Bacon Promise?
Freedom to all that joined him.
What is the Triangular Trade trade?
People buy slaves with run, slaves made sugar, sugar made rum.
When was the Navigation Acts established?
What did the Navigation Acts do?
Forced colonies to buy and sell goods through England.
What did the Navigation Acts Challenge?
Dutch control of the world.
When was the The Great Awakening?
What Was the Great Awakening?
People started thinking more religiously. (Protestants).
Who wrote Common Sense?
Thomas Paine.
What Was Common Sense About?
Rights for independence.
What were the 3 words of the American Enlightenment?
Reason, Science, and Progress.
When Was the French and Indian War?
Who Was the French and Indian War against?
The British.
What Else was the French and Indian War Called?
The 7 year war.
What was the Sugar Act?
Parliment less tax on sugar but forced colonies to buy from the english.
What did the Sugar Act reinforce?
The Navigation Act.
When was the Sugar Act?
Who Did the Sugar Act affect?
What is the Stamp Act?
Tax on all printed goods.
Who did the Stamp Act affect?
What took place of the Stamp act when it was appealed?
The Declaratory Act.
What was the Declaratory Act?
Only elected representatives can levy taxes.
When did the Stamp Act Take Place?
When Did the declaratory act take place?
How Many People died in the Boston Massacre?
5 people.
Who Started the Boston Tea Party?
Abagale Adams
How did the people of the Boston tea Party disguise themselves?
Mohawk Indians.
What was the boston tea party protesting?
The Tea Act of 1773.
What was the first battle of the revolution?
The battle of Bunker Hill.
What else was the battle of bunker hill called?
"The Shot heard around the world"
Who had naturalistic ideals?
John Locke and Sir Issac Newton
What did the Diests belive?
1 god and predestination.
What is Merchantilism?
To ensure english control.
Americans sends materials to england, england produces the goods and sends them back to america to be sold.
What were the Coercive Acts?
Series of laws passed by british parliment in response to the growing unrest in the colonies.
What did the enforcedment of the Coercive acts lead to?
The American Revolutionary War.
What else were the Coercive Acts Called?
The Intolerable Acts.
What were the Intolerable Acts?
Massachusetts Govt. Act, The Administration of Justice Act, The Boston Port Act, and the Quartering Act.
What was the The First Continental Congress?
representatives of the colonies met in philidelphia to formulate actions against british policies.
What did the second Continental Congress do?
conducted the war,adopted the declaration of independence and the articles of confederation.
What were Benjamin Franklins religious beliefs?
He was a Diest.
What Did Ben Franklin Believe religion did?
Keep people in check.
Who wrote the Olive Branch Petition?
Members of the Second continental congress.
What was the purpose of the Olive Branch Petition?
IT was a letter to King George III, appealing to their kings to redress colonial grievances to aviod more blood shed.
When was the declaration of independence adopted?
july 4, 1776
What did the declaration of independence do?
Americans independence from England.
what wast the Battle of Yorktown?
The last battle of the revolutionary war.
what did Treaty of paris do?
Ended the American Revolutionary War.
What did the sons and daughters of liberty do?
Set up committees of corespondence in response to the stamp act.
Who was William Penn?
Founder of Pennsylvania.
Who was James Oglethrope?
Equalitorian; believed "no slavery" established Georgia.
What is the Dominion Of New England?
King put colonies together to take away their independence.
is brett sexy?