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16 amendment
Government was allowed to tax (income tax)
Teddy Rosevelt
led the rough riders in spanish american war- square deal
reform movement
journalists who tried to expose corruption in bussiness and politics
Rooselvelt Corrollary
T. Rooselvelt stated that the U.S. would make sure Europe stayed out of Latin America- monroe doctrine
Zimmerman note
telegram from german to mexico asking them to join the war- they would get land
Platt amendment
U.S. limited cuba's rights
Boxer rebellion
Chinese trying to get rid of foreign invaders
ended ww1- made germany pay reparations
14 pts
Pres. Wilson's plan for wolrd peace after war
Maine/ lustitania
maine- blown up- unknown cause- blamed spain union
lusitania- british ship blown up- 128 americans killed
Panama canal
shortcut for us trade
open door policy
all nations should be able to trade w/ china
the big four
us, gb, frnace, italy
Russo japanese war
Russia and japan fighting for manchuria
Spanish american war
between us and spain over cuba
Amdiral George Dewey
incharge of us naval fleet in cuba
14 pts- league of nations
spanish american war fought here
teapot dome scandal
harding administration- selling oil
black tuesday
stock market crash 1929
pres. pro bussiness
silent cal
was blamed for poverty
new deal- he was rich but he helped the poor- thought of as a traitor to his own kind
cause of dep
stock market crash- people paying for things on credit
rugged individualism
Hoover- you have to survive on your own
D Day
Juine 6 1944- allies land on the beaches of normandy
pearl harbor
dec 7 1941- japan attacks us- cause to enter ww2
Bataan death march
japan forced us and filipino soldiers to march and be tortured