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only 5 states represented.. decided to call for a convention of all the states to meed the following summer in Philadelphia for the purpose of revising the Articles
George Washington
unanimously elected to preside
James Madison
Father of the constitution
devised a plan of national government known as the "virginia plan"
called for an executive brance and two houses of congress, each based on population
Virginia Plan
called for an executive brance and two houses of congress, each based on population
New Jersey Plan
William Paterson
called for the continuation of a unicameral legislature with equal representation for the states as well as increased powers for the natnional government
"Great Compromise"
provided for a presidence, Senate with equal representation, House of representatives, representaton according to population
3/5ths compromise
each slave was to count as 3/5ths of a person for purposes of representation and taxes on teh state, gvnment prohibited from stopping slave importation
Supported teh constitution
The Federalist papers
Alexander Hamilton
expounded teh constitution and demostrated how it was designed to prevent the abuse of power from any directoin
people who didnt' support the constitution, called for a bill of rights
Article I of the constitution
Legislatur is divided into two parts- House and the senate
House of Representaties
bring impeachment charges, bills that concern money, speaker of the house presides over proceedings
approves of rejects the presidential nominatoins and treates, serves as a court and jury in impeachment proceedings, Vice President rules!
Artice II Executive
President elected for 4 year term, must be 35 years old
Article III Judiciary
Supreme Court has jurisdiction for federcal courts and appellate cases on appeal from lower courts
Article IV Interstae Relatoins
Court decisions valid in one state are valid in another, also for the admission of new states
Article V Amendment Process
proposed by a 2/3rds vote of each house of congress or by special convention
Rattified by three fourths of state legislatures
Article VI Supremacy Clause
the constitution is the supreme law of the land and supersedes treaties
treaties supersede federal lay
federal law supercedes state constitutions and state laws
Article VII Ratification
nine of the original 13 states had to ratify the constitution before it became operative
Bill of rights
First 10 amendments
1. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition

2. Right to bear Arms

3. Troops will not be quartered in private citizens' homes.

4. Protects against unreasonable search (search warrent)

5. Protects the rights of accused

6. guarentees a speedy public trial

7. Guarentees a jury trial

look up the rest i'm tired