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Illustrations of Writers
Aaron Douglas
High School Teacher in Harlem, a Halem Renaissance writer
Alain Locke
A theathre that was closed after the 1935 Race Riots in Harlem.
Apollo Theathre
Director of te Harlem Art center. She used her art to express her outrage of racial in justice.
Augusta Savage
She was called the expres of the Blues
Bessie Smith
She was known as Lady D. and sang "God bless the child".
Billie Holiday
A jamaican born writer who wrote "Home to Harlem"
Claude McKay
The club was originally called Club Deluxe.
Cottob Club
A man born in New York City and completed his master's degree at Harvard.
Countee Cullen
A man served as the US global ambassdor of music.
Duke Ellington
A lady known as sweet mama string and the first black female nominated for an Oscar in the film Pinky.
Ethel Waters
She was the national braodway star .
Florence Mills
A painter wounded in the World War I and his paintings dealt with black history.
Horce Pippin
This man was the orininal owner of the cotton club
Jack Johnson
He was a famous writer that wrote the black national athem.
James Weldon Johnson
He was a well known poet. He was considered the Poet Laureate of Harlem.
Langston Hughes
He was known as the man of jazz.
Louis Armstrong
A sculpture awakening Ethiopia.
Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller
This was man internationally know for the song Old Man River.
Paul Robeson
An opera star known for her Deep River Opera
Rose McClendon
A man considered the Dean of African American composer.
William Grant
A pioneer of African American folk tales and spirituals.
Zora Neale Hurston
The black theatre for harlem Reniassance.
New Negro Movement Theatre
Prejudice against and fear of jews.
Anti Semitism
A 19th century linguistics to describe the Indo-European languages
Aryan Race
Concentration and extermination camp in upper Silesia, Poland in 1940
First concentration camps in Germany in 1937
Established camp near Munich in 1933
Forced marches of jewish prisoners over great distances.
Death Marches
Lietenant colonel and head of the Jewish Sction of the Gestapo.
Eichmann, Adolf
The four mobile units of Security Police and SS Security Service.
A program in which Nazis murdered the people they deemed socially and genetically inferior.
Euthanasia Program
The cover name for the German plan to murder all jews of europe.
Final Solution
The legal expert of the Nazi party and Hitler's personal lawyer.
Frank Hans
A German conglomerate of eight cheical companies, including BASF< BAYER<And Hoechst.
I.G. FArben
The Nazis revived the medieval term"ghetto" desgnating a walled community.
The chief of propaganda in 1930
Joseph Goebbels
A nazi party member responsible for creating the Gestapo commander of the German Air Force.
Herman Goering
A close aide to Hitler and the first to joing he Nazi Party.
Rudolf Hess
The head of the Sicherheitspolizei
Reinhard Heydrich
He was the leader of the Waffen SS Gestapo, German minister of the interior from 1943-45.
Heinrich Himmler
He was the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor of Germany.
Adolf Hitler
A member of the Ss, held various positions in Dachau uner heodor Eicke.
Rudolf Hoss
The jewish council in ghettos.
The name for the pogroms caarried out Nov 9-10, 1938. in Germany.
The autobiographical book hitler wrote while he was imprisoned.
Mein Kampf
Another namefor the national Socialist German Workers' Part, which Hitler reorgnized in 1920
The law for the protection of German Blood and Honor was promulated. It prohibited marriages and extramarital inetrcourse between jews and citizens.
Nuremberg Laws
The Yiddish word for devastation Violent riots against Jewsin villages, and etc
Literally Empire, as in Third Reich
Death camp established in 1942 located in Poland
The Jews that was gassed was indicted by SB.
Special Treatment
Abbreviation for protective squad. Nazi stormtroops.
A hooked cross used by ancient civizations as a symbol of fertility and good fortune.
A meeting held at a villa in Wannsee, Germany.
Wannsee Conference
The comercial name for hydrogen cyanide.
Zykion B