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progressive movement
aimed to return control of the govt. to the people restore economic opportunities and correct injustices.
Florence Kelley
moved into Jane Addams hull house in chicago. was an advocate 4 improving the lives of women and children.
the banning of alcoholic beverages
refers to John Bunyans pilgrim's processin which person is to busy cleaning up the muck of the world so doesnt raise his eyes to heaven.
scientific management
the effort to improve efficency in the workplace by applying scientific principlesto make tasks easier.
a bill originated by the people rather than lawmakers- on the ballot.
a vote on the initiative.
enabled voters to remove political official from position by forcing them to face new election before end of term.
national association of colored women- managed nurseries, reading rooms etc.
Susan B. Anthony
a leader in the women suffrage movemt.
Square Deal
used to describe the various progressive reforms sponsored by Roosevelt admin.
Pure Food and Drug Act
haleted the sale of contaminated foods and medicines and called 4 truth in labeling.
Woodrow Wilson
reform gov. of New Jersey, who became president in elect. of 1912. - endorsed platform "New Freedom"- demande stornger anitrust legist., banking reform, and reduced tariffs.
Federal Reserve System
in 1923 70% of nations banking resoures part of this sys. divided nation into 12 districts
Nineteenth Amendmt.
granted women the right to vote. won financial ratification in Aug. 1920