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What are 3 Reasons the Articles of Confed. didn't last?
the government couldnt:
Coin Money
Collect Taxes
Raise an Army
What was John Lockes theory?
Everybody has equal rights to life, liberty, and property.
What did Thomas Paine write and what was it about?
Common Sense- how the US should break away from King George.
What is said in the Declaration of Independence?
Governments must represent the people and protect their natural rights. People have the right to Alter or Abolish the government.
What document gave most power to the states, not the central government?
Articles of Confederation
What was the only success of the Articles of Confederation?
the Northwest Ordinance- organized the territories into states.
What convention was organized to change the Articles of Confederation?
Constitutional Convention
Who is known as the Father of the Constitution?
James Madison
What was the NJ plan?
A plan proposed by William Patterson
- wanted a 1 house legislature
- each state had an equal number of votes
What was the VA plan?
proposed by James Madison
- bicameral legislature
- votes based on state population
How are reps for the house decided?
based upon population
how are senators delegated?
2 senators per every state
what is the slave trade compromise?
-congress will regulate slave trade- 10$ tariff
-no banning until 1808
What do lobbyists do?
present to comittees in order to pursuade legislators.
example: NRA
what is soft money?
give money to the party, then to the candidate.
What is hard money?
give money directly to the candidate.
what was the McCain Feingold act?
no soft money was allowed...hard money was limited.
What is the role of the judicial branch?
to interpret and defend the constitution.
What was Marbury vs. Madison?
supreme court case- established judicial review
What things are in the Unwritten Constitution?
1- judicial review
2- committee system
3- political parties
4- lobbying
5- the cabinet
6- 2 term presidencey
what is Plessy vs. Ferguson
"separate but equal is equal"...jim crow laws legalized
which precedents did Washington present?
1- Mr. President
3- 2 term presidency
4- fairwell address
Hamiltons economic plan
1- government bonds
2-pay off state debts
3- excise tax
4- import taxes
what was hamilton known as?
the father of national debt
what was the Alien Act?
presdient can deport undesirables
Who led the federalists?
Who led the republicans?
describe the democrats?
- middle class
- big government
- pro enviroment
who is known as Old Hickory?
Who established the spoils system and what is it?
Jackson- It is a group of close friends and political supporters put into office by the president.
What is the nullification crisis?
john calhoun (vp) wants to nullify the tarriff of abominations- he resigns later
what was the tariff of abominations?
an increase on duties for imported raw materials