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Townshend act
made by charles townshend. indirect taxes placed on imported items and 3 penny tax on tea.
served as a guide to the expedition led by meriwther lewis.
John Marshall
Chief justice of the supreme court.
William Henry Harrison
governer of indiana territory invited several native american chiefs too fort wayne and perrsuaded them to sign away three million acres of trival land to u.s. govt.
Shawnee chief organized to fight for homeland against intruding white settlers.
Treaty of Ghent
the 1814 treaty that ended the war of 1812.
John C. Calhoun
he was the vice president from S.C whose famous toast included the phrase "the union nest to our liberty, the most dear"
Monroe Doctrine
a policiy of u.s opposition to any european interfernce in the affairs of teh western hemishpere announced by pres. monroe in 1823.
Missouri compromise
a series of laws inacted in 1820 to maintain the balance of power btwn. slave states and free states.
he invented the alphabet and the bilinguel calendar.
Indian removal act
when they made the people move from one spot to another and this resulted in the trail of tears.
spoils system
pracitce of winning candadites rewarding there supporters with govt jobs
John Ross
chief of the cherokees.
The treaty new of echota
gave at least 8 million acres of cherokee land to teh federal govt for approx. five million dollars and land in oklahoma.
Industrial revelution
massive change in social and economic org. resulting from a replacement fo hand tools by machines and large scale industrial products. 18th cent. great britian.
Samuel Slater
He built the first successful mechanized textile factory in america.
Henry Clay
southerner swayed memebers of congress from there regions to approve the tariff. promoted teh american system
national road
ferderally funded road begun in 1811 and by 1838 extended from cumberland maryland to illonois.
created a formal govt. with a legislature consisting of 2 houses a court system anda constit. civilized tribe.
Trail of Tears
an 800 mile trip made partly by steamboat and raiload but mostly by foot. more and more cherokees began dying. buried many people along here.
presiding officer of senate adn hor?
hor speaker
senate vice pres.
Charles G. Finney
conducted sucessful revivals in rochester ny known as father of modern rivalism. termed slavery as a great natl sin.
criticized revivals for there public displays of emotionalism. emphasized reason and appeals to conciense as a path to perfection.
Richard Allen
established bethel african church he encouraged his members to fight back against slavery.
Henry david thoreau
friend of emerson put the idea of self reliance into perspective by building himself a cabin on waldon pond.
Dorthea dix
social reformer worked for bringing about reforms for mentally ill favoered rehabilitation for sick and improsoned. persuaded 9 southern states to made hospitals.
pefect place
brooke farm
utopia comm.
be self sufficient
William lloyd garrison
radical white abolitionist. editor of anitslavery newspaper the liberator. favored imediate emancipation.
David walker
free individual n. carolina encouraged salves to rise up and take there freedom.
Frederick douglass
literate held a skilled job shipyard escape to freedom pub. n. star newspaper end slavery wihtout violence.
nat turner
escape slave from va. organized a rebellion that left many dead experienced a vision that he interpreted as a call to lead his fellow slaves into a fight for freedom. captured tried and hanged.
Cult of domesticity
belief that married womenn should restrict there activity to there home and family.
sarah and angeline grimke
pub. and appeal to christian women to teh south.
and effort to prohibit the drinking of alcohol.
emma willard
est. academic school for shcool for girls troy ny.
mary lyons
mount holyoke female seminary.
prudence crandall
opened school for girls.
elizabeth blackwell
first female to graduate from medical school.
amelia bloomer
pub a temperance newspaper introduced new fashoin for women.
gag rule
a rule limiting or preventing debate on an issue.
belonging to teh period before the civil war.
putting out system
a system of production in whch manufatureers provide the materials for goods to be produced in the home.
commonwealth v hunt
this upheld the rights of labor by declaring work stoppages legal