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In the 1828 campaign, how was John Q. Adams described?
a Harvard educated man whose father was the 2nd president
political party formed by supporters of Andrew Jackson after the presidential election of 1824
Democratic Party
The name of Jackson's home is the ______
meeting where a political party selects its presidential and vice-presidential candidates; first held in the 1820's
nominating conventions
What was Jackson's nickname?
Old Hickory
How was Jackson described in the campaign?
a war hero
politicians practice of giving government jobs to their supporters
spoils system
area covering most of present-day Oklahoma to which most American Indians in the southeast were forced to move in the 1830s
Indian Territory
In the 1828 campaign, how was John Q. Adams described?
a Harvard educated man whose father was the 2nd president
What did journalists begin to call this time?
Era of Good Feelings
What effect did Jackson's veto have on the economy?
led to inflation
an 800-mile forced march made by the Cherokee in their homeland of Georgia to Indian Territory; resulted in the deaths of thousands of Cherokee
Trail of Tears
How did the Cherokee beleive that they could prevent conflicts with the settlers?
by adopting the culture of white people
Supreme Court ruling that the Cherokee Nation was a distinct territory over which only the federal government had authority; ignored by both President Jackson and the state of Georgia
Worcester v. Georgia
Congressional act that authorized the removal of American Indians who lived east of the Mississippi River
Indian Removal Act
Agreement that limited naval power on the Great Lakes to the U.S. and British Canada
Rush-Bagot Agreement
Nickname givin to a new tariff by southerners who opposed it
Tariff of Abominations
Which Cherokee developed the Indian writing system?
Financial crisis in the U.S. that led to an economic depression and weakened the Republican Party
Panic of 1837
What began to grow after the War of 1812?
national pride
why did the tariffs anger the southerners?
it made their goods more expensive and also angered some south European trading partners
Who was elected president in 1816?
James Monroe
What was Jackson's reaction to the Bank's charter renewal?
he vetoed legislation
Agreement in which Spain gave up all of Florida to the U.S.
Adam-Onis Treaty
Financial crisis in the U.S. that led to an economic depression and weakened the Republican Party
Panic of 1837
Name the 3 crisis's of Jackson's term
1. nullification
2. veto of the Bank of the U.S.
3. Indian Removal
a dispute between South Carolina and the federal government in the late 1820's over the states' right to nullify, or cancel, an unpopular tariff
Nullification Crisis
Give 3 examples of how the Cherokees adopted many of the white man's culture in their life.
they learned to read and write English, they created a government inspired by the U.S. Constitution,a bicameral council, and a court system, they developed an Indian writing system
belief that the power of the federal government regarding the states is strictly limited
states' rights
Agreement between the U.S. and Great Britain that settled fishing rights and established new North American borders
Convention of 1818
The southern economy relied on ________ particularly______ exports.
Agriculture; cotton
which House would choose the president?
House of Representatives
President Andrew Jackson's group of informal advisors; so called because they sometimes met in the White House kitchen
Kitchen Cabinet
Who were the 4 candidates for President in 1824 and which section did they represent?
1John Q. Adams-Northeast
2William Crawford-South
3Henry Clay-west
4Andrew Jackson-west
a hateful thing
canal that ran from Albany to Buffalo, New York; completed in 1825
Erie Canal
What effect did Jackson's veto have on the economy?
led to inflation
why was he not elected president?
he did not get enough majority votes
What did South Carolina threaten if force was used in the tariff question?
they would withdraw from the Union
In the early 1800s most Americans moved west looking for?
land and opportunity
to cancel
which one recieved the most popular votes?
Political party formed by opponents of Andrew Jackson in 1834 who supported a strong legislature
Whig Party
it was this and not political parties that influenced the election of 1824
sectional differences
Who was elected president in 1834?
Martin Van Buren
What position in the house did Henry Clay hold?
secretary of state
first federal road project, construction did not permit the federal government to spend money on internal improvements
Cumberland Road
What was the engineering problem with building the Erie Canal? How was it solved?
the land was hilly and they used locks
what was the major regional conflict that arose in 1819?
congress considered the applicatiion of Missouri to enter the Union
what was the 'corrupt bargain'?
Clay backed Adams, made him secretary of state, and a job was given as a result of a secret agreement
Which form of transportation was the quickest, easiest, and cheapest?
section of a canal with large gates at either end that allowed boats to be let through by the rising and falling of water
President James Monroe's statement forbidding further colonization in the Americas and declaring that the U.S. would view any attempt by a foreign country to colonize as a hostile act
Monroe Doctrine
Which section controlled the House of Representatives at this time?
What nickname was given to Henry Clay?
Great Comprimiser
What issue still divided the north and south?
expansion of slavery to the west
Who wrote the MIssouri Comprimise?
Henry Clay
In what year did Congress pass the MIssouri Comprimise?
List the 3 parts of the Missouri Comprimise
1. MIssouri would enter the Union as a slave state
2. Maine would enter as a free state
3. Louisiana purchase divides at 36° 30° line all lands north would be free except Missouri; lands south-slave
How did he use his influence?
Which part of the government would adding a new slave state affect the balance?
The Senate
Henry Clay's plan for raising tariffs to pay for internal improvements such as better roads and canals
American System