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what is a totalitarian government?
a government that has absolute rule in the hands of one person
What are the factors in the rise of totalitarian governments in the 20th century? (7)
1) usually occur in countries early in democracy
2) Rise out of economic emergencies
3) Multiple-party democracies
4) extremists in the political system
5) Patriotic nation
6) a strong leader who is willing to anything to achieve his goals
7) anti-democracy
first 3 major totalitarian rulers
1) Stalin (soviet union)
2) Mousselini (italy)
3) Hitler (Germany)
Philosophy of totalitarianism
Power of the state vs. the rights of an individual. opposite of democracy
Nationalism and economics of totalitarianism
Based on social darwinism- the strongest are fit to rule
Hitler requires the military
What was the name of the early democratic nation that led to Nazi Germany, and how did they fall?
Weimar Republic, they thought they could get a good deal by signing wilsons 14 point plan, so they dropped out of the war even though germans thoguht they were winning.
instead they got the crappy versailles treaty and soldiers thought the gov't had betrayed them.
also their structure allowed hitler to take control of the reichstag and become chancellor and everntually dictator.
Extremists: two sides
RIGHT (conservative)= Fascist (hitler) -nationalistic
LEFT (Liberal)= Communists (Stalin) world=brotherhood

*Big difference= private property
what was the act that we put into action to aid Germany, who was in economic distress?
Dawes Act
Steps the Nazis took to get to power:
1) try to overthrow the gov't with a coupe...didn't work, and hitler was sent to jail for 8 months
2) Run for office and become a visible, organized, vocal minority (uniforms)
3) raised $ 4 campaign
4) eventually become 37% of Reichstag, and won't cooperate with anything because they are a majority unless gets a gov't position. he is appointed (chancellor
5) after a building burns down, the new Reichstag makes Hitler emergency dictator. (legally)
6) Threw all political enemies into concentration camps.
Racial policies of hitler
retarded and handicapped sent to state camps, "slower" people were sterilized
Nuremburg Laws
*Took away rights of all Jews determined by ancestry (1/2 jewish, 1/8 jewish, etc.)
* Required a jewish star on all clothing
*** FIRST STEP in holocaust and genocide***
Why didn't most jews leave germany after the nuremburg laws?
1) they mostly thought it would pass...and it was their home
2) You couldnt leave the country unless you had special skills
Hitler's economic recovery and building of a nation "that would last a hundred years" included what?
*Building the Audobon
*Building a great capital
* The world comes to Germany for the Olympics
-Germans won most events, but Jesse Owens pissed Hitler off by winning two medals.
London Economic Conference
We didnt go to it..ISOLATIONISM
we turned them loose
Roosevelt recognizes the Soviet union...why?
to trade with them and because they are the enemies of fashism
Johnson Debt default act
We arent going to lend any $ to any country that didnt pay us back their loans
Reciprocal trade treaties
We'll lower our trade tarriff of you lower yours!
Proposal in House that was a major symptom of isolationism
prohibit congress from declaring war w/o a referendum (WHAT!???!)
Rearmament of the Nazis and world's reaction:
Draft in 35
air force in 36
publicly rearming
march into a demilitarized zone (Rhineland) and the league of nations does NOTHING
Civil war in Spain
US does nothing
What is the reaction of the US to the draft in 35?
The Neutrality act of 35: no selling or trading with any warring nations
Axis Pact and our reaction
Germany and Italy will be military allies

US reaction: Neutrality act of 1936: prevents travellers from travelling to/in countries at war
3rd Neutrality Act in 1937:
we will supply aid on a cash and carry basis: Cash up front.
1938: Hitler and appeasement
He annexes Austria, violating the Versailles treaty, and says he wants Checkloslavakia but check says no.
Neville CHamberlain's solution to appease Hitler
Munich Conference: Lets Hitles have only a part of check, but hitler takes it all anyway.
Soviet-NAzi Non- Aggression Pact
allows stalin to get poland, and a lot of "ias" such as latvia and stonia (creates a buffer between him)
lightning warfare: land and air attacks
1939 Neutrality act
makes military stuff available to cash and carry victims of aggresion (begginning of neutrality)
US reaction to fall of france
draft!! increased military budget