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Pump Priming
gov't gives public works programs
Attempt to nullify the Gulf of Tomkin Resolution and restricted warmaking powers
War Powers Act
House on American Activities Committees (questions communists in US)
Theodore Roosevelt's policy
Big Stick Diplomacy
Mahan, Strong, and Turner
imperialist writers
what were the Palmer Raids?
Mitchell Palmer during the Red Scare, sent the communists back to their countries (after WW1)
never ratified
Treaty of Versailles
Carter Doctrine
free flow of oil in Persian gulf's threat is threat to US security
3 turning points of WWII
-El Alamein
President during Bonus Army and Stock Market Crash
- Strategic Arms Limitations I
- under Nixon
- spending less money on weapons
Eisenhower, McCarthy, and Pershing
all US generals
name 3 fascist nations
- Germany
- Italy
- Spain
19th Amendment
womens suffrage
Steffens, Tarbell, and Sinclair were
what was the war called when war was declared by britain and france vs. germany but there was no fighting
Phony War
John Foster Dulles
-Secretary of State under Eisenhower
-Brinkmanship, massive retaliation, anti-communist
Created a flexible currency
Federal Reserve Act
President during War on poverty and Tet Offensive
Carter's foreign policy deal
Human Rights
Warren Commission
investigated assassination of JFK
US fought 3 year war with
---then rose the anti-imperialist league
3 Republican presidents of the 1920's
Open Door notes subject
-trade with China
-Hay did the treaty
-china didn't want western influence
3 anti-imperialists
law implemented 18th Amendment
Volstead Act
3 R's of the New Deal
Harvey Wallace
wrote 'Poison Squad' and used human guinea pigs