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Who was the greatest power on the european continent during the AR?
British gov proposed tax on colonies to pay their debt...what happened?
-stamp act, tea act, sugar act...
-colonists unfairly taxed
-Eurpeans paid more than american colonies
Continental Congress
Formed to declare independence
What was the AR financed by?
Foreign money - France helped in the war by getting back at the English
In the AR, what was the American's first victory?
Battle of Saratoga (British surrendered)
-France was the 1st country to recognize independence of U.S.
What happened at the Battle of Yorktown?
Washington and troops from France laid seige to British @ Yorktown
(British sent troops down York River to get more troops, but French were waiting, British surrendered)
Gill System
practice of being a member of a charter; right to prodce/manufacture a certain good (only watch gill's can manufacture watches)
Estates General
1) clergy
2) nobility
3) Commoners

met in versailles, promised to give France a constitution, not just raise taxes; met in 1789
Tennis Court Oath
Louis 16th held meeting of Estates General, urged deputies to disband and get on with their business, BUT the king gives way and allows a constitution to be made (really he's planning a surprise attack to stop constitution)
-commoners fight back
-constitution lasts for 1 year
in middle of Paris, only used for political prisoners (seven prisoners total)
-commoners and soldiers were fighting king (his army betrayed him)
-surrenders and taken prisoner
Flight to Varennes
Kink wanted to flee bc he couldn't take care of his people. He got as far as Varennes, was stopped at brought back to Paris
Laissez Faire
let economy regulate self, government will not get involved
-not jews could participate fully in buisness, politics and employment
Metric System
Invented in middle of French Revolution
-1 meter=1/10millionth of meridian quadrant
device for executing people
-used in public for all to see
"the second french revolution"
aug 1792- 30,000 national gaurd vs. 3,000 swiss are told to retreat but cant bc of all the national gaurd
-swiss feel, constitution overthrown along w/king
September Massacres
people held prisoner, if ruled guilty you were beheaded on the spot
When ppl came to gather for election, those who were liberal sat on left, those who were conservative sat on right
Right, want to bring freedom to all people, movement to liberate the earth
Left, created a constitution, promised universal education (dont have services or supplies, but promise it, end slavery
(indulgents opressed jacobins)
July, 1794
Jacobin overthrow
-end of extremist part of FR
-execution of jocobin spokesperson, Maxamillian Robespierre
Law of Maxim
Government set price of goods/wage scale
Period of Directory
If you dont own property, you are not responsible
-Napoleon B (from Corsica) was selected to overthrow directory
Sans Culottes
those who didn't wear knickers
Coup D'Etat
(Blow of State) state has been hit, wrote new constitution where head of state directed by group of consul's, Napolean wrote constitution so put himself in charge of France (revolution ends)
Common Law
Napolean inherited this legal system from the British
Napoleanic Code
own personal work, law of France (281 laws), everyone always had to refer to code
Public Education
-State sponsored high school's
-administer of education determines text and what is taught throughout the whole country
-graduate from HS w/day-long exam
Napolean wants to invade Russia
-Russia was ignoring continental system
-Napolean planned to invade Moscow
-BUT Russia planted fire in the whole city
-began w/500,000 troops and ended with 10,000, army "evaporated"
date well remembered, a patriotic date and "12th overture" and russian literature
Napolean steps down
-Russians, Austirans, and Prussians all against him
-given the island of Elba
Buorbon Family
Takes Napolean's place, Louis the 18th to be kind of France. Napolean comes back and forces king to leave.
-Napolean took over and has to fight allies (plans to attack British, it was a draw and neither side won)
-NB is sent to St. Helen Island to live
Congress of Vienna
met for a year at Hoffburg Palace to make peace
-Need to consoldate Holy Roman Empire
-Make sure there is no German state
-Russia took Finland, Sweden got Norway, Denmark got nothing
Free Enterprise Economy
Regulated Capitalism, controls interest rates
gov. deals w/large enterprises, workers run everything, set minimum wage, work benefits, shorter work days, retirement benefits
19th century
everything done by government
Concert of Europe
European powers going to work together to make sure treaty was working the way they wanted to
City of Navarino
Combined ally fleet decided to show turks their strenth. Sailed infront of Turkish fleet to show how many ships they had. Someone fired a cannon and the fighting began, entire fleet (89 ships) sunk
Hildago and Alleande Dolores w/an army
-Hildago decides to ring bells of church and ppl come for a call to revolt and get rid of spanish (beginning of Mexican independence)
-Alleande has army
-Army seize spanish states, entered towns and murder those of spanish decent
-they were eventually arrested
-head of spanish army
-forced to flee
-17 preisdens in 55 years in Mexico
meanwhile in Brazil...
-build hospitals, museams to improve living conditions
-heir to thrown was John 6th of Portugal
-His son was personal rep in Brazil, but he decided to rebel
-Declares Portugal independant and is Emporer Pedro 1st (1822)
-his son, pedro 2nd ends slavery
Reform Bill of 1832
expansion of voting to middle class and a redistrict
(England is moving toward Democracy for males only)
-Top hat, black suit, umbrella, pocekt watch, black shoes - white collar workers

(Blue shirt, blue pants, blue smock - blue collar workers)
1848 Revolution
-some1 shot and a revolution begins
-Barracades go up around aParis and by the end, the gov has lost controp of Paris, Louis Phillip flee's to England
-New RED flad=socialism
-met to examine socialist measures for workers
-went against socialism
-June 1848, socialism ends (back to long work days)
-aranges war w/Denmark (random)
-povokes war w/Austria and Prussia
-Prissians won!
-Prussians provoked France into war
Franco-Prussian War
-Napolean III, decided to leave army on battle field and forced to surrender
-Empire overthrown and France is once again a Republic (3rd time)