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States where the population shares a general political and social ______, or agreement about basic beliefs, have the most stable governments.
the state has supreme and absolute authority within it's territorial boundaries.
social contract
people surrendered to the state the power needed to mantain order.
John Locke
When government failes to preserve the rights of the people, the people could justly break the contract
Purposes of Government
(1)maintain social order;(2)provide public services;(3)provide national security and a common defense;(4)provide for and control economic system;
unitary system
gives all key powersto the national or central government
federal system
divides the powers of govern. between the national govern. and state
loose union of independent states
plan that provides the rules for government
-sets our ideals that the people bound by the constituion believe in and share
-basic structure of govern. powers and duties
-supreme law for country
constitutional govern.
govern. in which constitution has authority to place clearly reconginized limits on the powersof those who govern
sets forth the goals and purposes to be served by the govern.
power in the hands of a single individual
small group holds power
rule by the people
free market
buyers and sellers were free to make unlimited econmic decisions in the marketplace
command economy
decisions are made at the upper levels of government and handed down to managers.
single-chamber, congress
popular sovereignty
rule by the people
power divided between national and state
separation of powers
each branhs has its responsibilties