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Why are some people from other countries angry at/dislike American?
The cause lies in our country's international reach and role: foreign polocies, global economic, & military power.
Discuss 3 major purposes of government.
1. Maintain order-protect property and life. 2. provide public goods-parks, highways, water. 3. promote equality-freedom of and freedom from.
Discuss the values pursued by government.
Freedom, Order, Equality.
Freedom- freedom of and from
Order- preserving life and protecting property. Equality- political, social, of opportunity, of outcome.
Discuss the models of democratic government.
Majoritarian democracy and Pluralist democracy.
(Refer to Vocab terms)
Differences between liberals and conservatives.
Liberals favor: gov activities that promote equality, such as affirmative action programs to employ min and increased spending on public housing. Oppose: Gov actions that restrict individual liberties as banning sexually explicit movies ot mandatory testing for AIDS. Conservatives are just the opposite.
How does government impact your life?
By not enforcing low income individuals to have to other avenues to better themselves w/o making a change in their life.
What u do to get what u want.
Thomas Hobbes
17th century philosopher, he believed that a single ruler or soverign, must possess inquestioned authority to guarantee the safety of the weak to protect them from the attacks.
John Locke
Believed that government protected order by preserving private property. "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" as "unalienable right" of citezens under government. were his quotes
is a gerneralized idea of a class of items or thoughts. It groups various events, objects, or qualities under a commom classification or label.
A government can protect the established order, its authority to safeguard residents safety, health, welfare, and morals.