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3 Points of US policy in Middle East
Palestinian Israeli Conflict
Cheap flow of oil
Terrorism and concept of jihad
religious, "submissive"
political, want Shari'ah
Islamic Moderates
play within rules, wanting to get into office, not overturn government
Islamic Extremists
want to overthrow system, implement Shari'ah
Lesser Jihad
Violent struggle, defending village/family against aggressors. Does not condone terrorism against civilians-all violence defensive.
Greater Jihad
Non-violent personal and lifetime struggle to rid oneself from baser instincts, more difficult and more important
Hasan Al-Banna
Egyptian teacher, founded Muslim Brotherhood.
Islam should be applied to political and social life.
Jihad necessary to rid Muslim world from Western imperialism and colonialism, to overthrow Muslim leaders who did not uphold laws of Shari'ah.
Views reflected realities of Muslim world post WWII.
Mawlana Mawdui
Concerned about declines of Muslims in South Asia: Muslim identity and unity increasingly threatened by rise of Hindu sect; Jihad struggle in path of Allah is to be carried out to acheive just and equitable social order for humanity as a whole.
Founded Jumaat-I-Islami (Islamic Association) - preached jihad is only way to implement Isalamic reform
Sayyid Qutb
Father of contemporary militant Islam. Radicalization of Jihad.
Very educated, not violent personally.
Reaction to realities of times (Egypt, Aram-Israeli Conflict)
After visiting US, avid critic of perceived moral decadence, materialism, sexual permissiveness, racism.
Jihad incumbent upon Muslims to end injustice, fight Un-Islamic government and colonialism of West.