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The objections of the colonists toward the British
Imposed restrictions and tax regulations, objective quartering of soldiers, taxation without representation in parliament and lack of true self government
Reason the First Continental Congress met and the year
To win colonist rights. Fair treatment more than independence. 1774
What did the Sons of Liberty support?
Support colonist cause
Who/what ran the U.S. government for most of the American Revolution?
George Washington, Second Continental Congress
Dec of Independence = Is it a Constitution? Did it inspire the Constitution?
Not a constitution. No, it setup principles for a new government.
Who had to approve important acts under the Articles of Confederation?
What was Shays' Rebellion?
Farmers of Massachusetts losing farms rebelled
What power was lacking under the Articles of Confederation?
- What did colonists fear in the 1780s?
Strong central government
Form of government during the American Revolution
Articles of Confederation