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What are the 3 branches of US government?
The Legislative branch consists of what body?
Congress has how many houses?
House of Representatives
Bicameral means what?
Two houses
The Judicial Branch consists of what body?
The Supreme Court
The Executive branch is headed by?
The President
What is meant by "checks and balances?"
It is the mechanism that ensures that one branch of government does not become too powerful.
Give 2 examples of checks and balances.
The president can appoint a SC Justice but Congress has to approve.
Congress can pass a bill into law but the President can veto it.
What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called?
The Bill of Rights
What is the "elastic clause" about?
The elastic clause gives Congress the power to make laws around items that come into existence over time. For example, air transportation.
What are the three parts of the Constitution?
The Preamble
What are the 7 Articles?
Art 1 - Powers of Legislative Branch

Art 2 - Powers of Executive Branch

Art 3 - Powers of Judicial Branch

Art 4 - Relation of States to each other & Federal - State relationship

Art 5 - Amending the Constitution

Art 6 - Handling of National Debt under new Constitution & Supremacy of National Gov't

Art 7 - Ratifying the Constitution
What was the purpose of the Articles?
To define the power equations of the branches of gov't and take care of concerns and questions held by states and delegated of the time going forward.
What are the five freedoms listed in the 1st Amendment?
Religion, Speech, the Press, Right to Assembly, & Petition
Amendment 2 deals with what?
Right to Bear Arms
Amendment 4 deals with what?
Search & Arrest Warrants. No unreasonable searches and seizures.
Amendment 5 deals with what?
Rights in Criminal Cases. All will get due process. No one shall be made to witness against themselves. No double jeopardy.
Amendment 6 deals with what?
Right to Fair Trial.
Amendment 8 deals with what?
No Excessive Bail or Cruel & Unusual Punishments.
Amendment 13 deals with what?
Abolition of Slavery
Amendment 15 deals with what?
Freed slaves can vote. Applies to all regardless of race.
Amendment 19 deals with what?
Women have the right to vote.
Amendment 22 deals with what?
Limits Presidential terms to Two.
Amendment 26 deals with what?
Set voting age at 18.
What does impeachment mean?
A governing body brings charges against a high federal/state/governing official.
What is the Electoral College?
The name for the indirect process by which the president is elected. Electors are determined by the number of representatives of each state.
What does Ex Post Facto mean?
Any law that makes an act a crime AFTER it has been committed.
What is Federalism?
The division of power between national gov (delegated power) and state gov (reserved power).
Veto means?
To reject or refuse.
Implied powers mean?
Any power that is not really stated directly but is implied as being necessary and proper (elastic clause).
To be a member of the House of Representatives one must meet these requirements.
Age = 25y or older
Citizen of US for at least 7 years
Citizen of their state for 7 years
What body has the sole power of impeachment?
House of Representatives
To be President one must meet these requirements.
Age = 35y or older
Natural born citizen of US
Lived in the US for 14 years
Representatives serve for how long?
2 year terms
Senators serve for how long?
6 year terms
To be a member of the Senate one must meet these requirements.
Age = 30y or older
Citizen of US for at least 9 years
Citizen of their state for 9 years
What body has the sole power to TRY impeachments.
The Senate
The Supreme Court is composed of?
9 Justices

1 Chief Justice and 8 Associate Justices
Congress has what powers?
Lay and collect taxes,
Borrow money,
Regulate commerce with other nations,
Coin money,
Establish post offices,
Grant Patents & Copyrights,
Declare War,
Standardize weights & measurements,
Provide for militia and raise & support army & navy,
Exercise legislative power over D.C.
What powers don't Congress have?
No Ex Post Facto,
No Bill of Attainder,
Cannot suspend Habeas Corpus (unless wartime or treason/rebellion),
Granting titles of nobility
What powers are forbidden to States?
States can't:

Enter into treaties with foreign nations,
Coin money,
Pass forbidden laws (like Congress),
Maintain an army,
Declare war.
What is the role of the President?
Commander in Chief of military

Chief Executive Officer
What powers does the President possess?
Grant reprieves and pardons (except for impeachments).

Appoint ambassadors and SC judges.

Make treaties.

Fill Senate vacancies.

Convene both houses of Congress.
What is a Bill or Writ of Attainder?
An act of a legislature declaring a person or group of persons guilty of some crime and punishing them without benefit of a judicial trial.
What does preamble mean?
An introductory and expressionary statement in a document that explains the document's purpose and underlying philosophy.
What does posterity mean?
All future generations.
What is a bill?
A proposed law under consideration by a legislature.
What is an appeal?
A process for requesting a formal change to an official decision.
What is the removal process for a President?
Impeachment. The House presents and details the charges. With a simple majority vote charges are then presented to the Senate for trial. The Senate tries the President with the Chief Justice presiding over the trial. The Senate may convict or acquit but whatever the decision it must be by a 2/3 majority.
What are the duties of the Judicial branch/Supreme Court?
To interpret the law.

Judge for states, citizens when local court options are exhausted.
What is the duty of the Executive branch.
To enforce the laws.
What is the duty of the Legislative branch.
To make laws.
How many Senators are there?

2 per state
How many Representatives are there?

Number determined by state population