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What's the mission of WV bureau of Public health?
to help shape the environments w/in which ppl and communities can be safe and healthy
What's the CDC mssion statement?
to promote health and quality of life by preventing and contorlling disease, injury, and disability
What are four roles of the county health dpeaprtments?
1. provide services that keep you from getting sick from actions of others
2. prevents illness in indiviudal by taking action at the community wide level
3. continullay monitors for patterns of disease
4. advocates and reaches out to vulnerable populations
What are the 3 core functions of PH?
a. assessement-vital stats, age, birth weight
b. policy development-invovles legislation to improve resident's life (ATV for insidence)
c.assurance-making sure there's access to quality med care (home visits for instance)
What are the nine roles of the federal government in ensuring the health of the public in state:
1. setting national policy
2. providing tech expertise/funding
3. research
4. advocacy
5. regulat standards
6. oversight
7. staffing
8. coordination of act/resources
9. specialized testing capability
natalie is an expert in research at stugart overseas, with staff coordinating specialized testing for her
What are the 3 roles of the local county health departments:
1.comunicable and reprotable disease prevention & control
2. community health promotion
3. environemntal health promotion
What's an example of policy development?
indoor air
Describe community health analysis
identifying the major health probs in a set community and ways to manage these problems
How does WV PH Policy hd a definite beneficial effect with some ph problems?
required infant testing for certain diseases and conditions, indoor air act,etc
What are the major health probs and risk factors in both the US and WV?
hypertension, obesity, and diabetes
How has WV proposed to fix the PH probs and risk factors?
promote exercise, eating right, discourage cigs, and drinking
what are 4 things the DO physician must be aware of?
1. must report disease
2. work with PH to find solutions
3. carry out trmnt
4. be aware of health issues concerning the com
what is the fundamental obligation of PH?
prevent epidemics
Greatest achievements in PH?
1. motor-vehicle safety
2. vaccination
3. safer workplaces
4. control of infectious diseases
5. decline in deaths from CAD
What has PH done to life expectancy?
It has inceased by 30 years b/c of outhourses and immunizations
2 of 10 essential services of PH:
1. monitor health status to identify and solve community health problems
2. Diagnose and investigate health probs in community
3 and 4 of 10 essentail services:
3. inform, ed, and empower ppl about health issues
4. moblizie comm partnerships to identify and solve health probs
5. develop policies and plans that support indivual and comm health efforts
6. enforce laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety
7 and 8?
7. link pp to needed personal heatlh services and asure health care when otherwiuse unavailable
8. assure a coptetn pH and personal health care workforce
9 &10
evaulate effectivenss, accessibiltuy & quality of personal and population-based health services
10. research for new insights and innovative solutions to health probs
example of monitoring health status and health probs of community
look at patterns of illness, birth records, monitor flue acitivity
ex of diagnosing and investigating health probs and hazards in community
infectious diseases; patterns of illness, and conducting rapid screening and high volume testing
ex of informing, educatin, and empower ppl about health issues
health promotion messages, media,
ex of moblizing community partnerships to identify and solve health probs
pregnancy, smoke, obesity-exx WV has high obesity rate adnd this may require collaboration with schools to reduce
ex of developing policy and plans that support indivudal and community health efforts
ex-the need to start prevention of obesity when young..legislative passed “Healthy Eating”
ex of enforcing laws and regus that prtect health and ensure safety
ex..medicaid-lead screening program.; sanitray drinking codes, clean air standards, occuproationl hazards, review new drug application, med devices; every preg teen girl free health care
ex of linking ppl to needed personal health services and assure health care when otherwise unavailable
cultural/diadvangted, transportion, high risk pop gets info (all teen preg: assure healthy babies)
Assure a competent pbulic health and personal health care workforce
licesning and education for professional facilites and EMT's, artithris--provide continuing ed d/t industry, old age, lifestyle to both employer and personal
ex of evualtiong effectivenss, accessbility and quality of personal and population:
-- involves looking at stats...from 2004 to 2005 WV infant mortality rates rose slightly; allows for allocating resources and reshaping programs
Ex of research for new nisghts and innovative solutions to health probs
new born screning testing for 4 disorders, national avg is 29--need more funding for this; higher learning; economic anlaysis, needed health services
What 4 roles do PH have?
1. statutory role-legal action (2nd hand smoke)
2. population bases role: prevents illness in individuals by taking action at the community wide level
3. surveillence role-continually monitors for patterns of diseases-records of births, deaths, marriages
4. social justice role: advocates and reaches out to vulnerable populations
Who appoints the BOH members?
the county commissions, but they can't remove members
in order to recevie state funding, what does Health code chapter 16 state?
mandates prvosiion of basic public health services by local BOH, because they are "now authorized to and will provide the basic public health services and programs in accordance with state standards."
local health depts are most concerned with?
basic health services, so they leave the primary care up to the PCP
Why did funding for FTE peak for WV in 2004?
The money for threat prepardness from 9/11 takes awhile
Name 3 weird public health professions:
1. sanitarians
2. program managers
3. public health nurses
(l.h. officers, state H. officers/adminstrators)
What is community health and give an example?
process of looking at a group of ppl in a community and figuring out what the heatlth issues are: 1. obesity 2. STd...then, figuring out who the players are, education, and evaluation, and cooperateand work with others
what board would review a death in domestic violence case?
domestic violence fatliaty review team
child fatality review team
looks at every child death in the state
What four sections are there to office of laboratory services?
1. bio and chem terriosm unit
2. modular bio-safety level 3 lab-anthrax testing (from threat prepardness fund)
4. rapid moleuclar-based testing
5. expand newborn screening test panel (to 29 disorders in 2008)
what are some resposnibliites of the office of maternal child and family health services
infant morality rate**
children w/spcial health concerns
crippled children's clinic
what is the problem in family planning pharmacetuicals?
prices were dramtically raised, now we need to have more funds to provide product
What did the infant death review board find?
looks at every child death in WV-in 2004/05: 88% of babies come from low sociao-economic family, 78% have a smoker in house, and **73% of babies slept w/someone else during death (where PH comes in)
What's the main goal of the office of nutrition services?
WIC program--increasing number of breast feeding mom's, invovles changing legislation to ensure babies have the best chance of developing
What's the main goal of the office of environmental health services?
make sure water supply is safe; set drill line & radiological health prgram in case of nuclear explosion
Which office inspects all nursing homes, equipment, day cares, hospitals?
Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification--circuit breaker in nursing home and bed rail entrapment
How do priamry health care centers, local health Dept, and Emerg. medical systerms contriubute to the Office of Community Health Systems?
suupport the office to promote health services aviailability and accessiblity to all West Virginians--loan programs to providers and funding to communities to help recruit providers
who was in charge ofthe raninbow family gathering?
Office of community health systems
5 Threat prepardness things that office of the commssioner is in charge of:
1. camp dawson-katrina
2. pandemic flu prepardness
3. workforce safety effort
4. federal funding
5. urban-rural migration issues
Who's most involved in seasonal outbreaks in flu and flu pandemics?
1. infants & elderly (mostly children)
2. 200,000 hospitalizations
3. 36,000 deaths/yr
4. mostly winter to spring
What's needed for a pandemic strain?
1. novel virus (lil'immunity)
2. capable of causing disease in humans
3. highly pathogenic/virulent
4. capblab of sustatined person to person transmission* (not avian vule H5N1 yet)
During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic?
avg life expectancy was 38; 500,000 US deaths, but 40-50 worldwide
How often do we have a pandemic flue?
every 10-15 years, but not since 1968...last was "hong kong flue" where there was 1-2 million deaths
What is problem with funding and antivirals and vaccines?
Can't develop vaccines until we know strain, then by that time the FIRST WAVE at least will be passed
What is the first pass?
last 6-8 wks in a community, mutiple waves every 2-3 months very possible
What's the estimate of the number of americans that will get a clinical disease (flu)?
30%, and only 50% of that 30% will seek care
What classifies a severe pandemic?
Absenteeism rates--may reach 40% during peak weeks in a com
How many months until a vaccine is available?
3-6 months---2 doses
How do moderate pandemics (hong kong flu) differs from severe pandemic (spanish flu)?
both same in illness and outpatient care but differ in
1. hospitalizations --s HH
2. ICU care
3. ventilator s HHH
4. Deaths- s HHH
Do we have avian flu in WV?
no, H5N2 strain--26, 000 turkeys killed
what office received awards in 2006 for kids in envornmental health and 2005 for americans for nonsmokers rights?
Office of epidemiology and health promotion--division of tobacco prevention; foregin countries interested here
where does WV state hemophilia program, cancer registry, and raccoon rabies program fall?
Office of epidemiolgy and health promotion...division of survelillance and disease control
What office does the DSDC (for STD/HIV AIDs program) faill under?
office of epidemiology and health promtion--wv 5th highest immuniztion coverage and good for children also