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This country is the 4th largest producer:
This country is the 6th largest exporter:
This country is the 3rd largest importer
This country is the 3rd largest consumer of wine:
Of the American total wine production CA produces what %
Until the mid 1800s due to sparse inhabitants, vineyards were established by who and for what reason:
What type of grapes were grown:
by catholic missionaries for small scale production of sacramental wine

Mission grapes
This is a hardy but unexciting wine grape propagated for centuries in the Americas after being brought from Europe by the conquistadors:
Mission Grape
Brothers who were almost singlehandedly responsible for ensuring that there was consistent and reasonably priced wine on the American table after Prohibition:
Ernest and Julio Gallo
Hungarian immigrant who helped found the CA wine industry and brought many European vines to Sonoma in 1861
Agoston Harazthy
Founder of the first Napa Valley winery in 1861:
Charles Krug
Founder of the first successful US commercial winery in Ohio in the 1830s
Nicholas Longworth
CA winemaker who was most instrumental in establishing the reputation of CA (and by extension US) wine quality among consumers
Robert Mondavi
Wine journalist credited with introducing and promoting the concept of varietal labeling to help CA better define its wines:
Frank Schoonmaker
Franciscan monk who planted the 1st vineyards in CA in the 1760s and 1770s:
Junipero Serra
CA winemaker who introduced many modern techniques to the US and mentored many other winemakers:
Andre Tchelisticheff
What amendment enacted prohibition and the year:
18th Ammendment
January 1920
How long was prohibition?

13 years
Jan 1920 until Jan 1834

After prohibition how were wines marketed:
Using European apellations such as "Burgundy"
What amendment repealed prohibition:
21st Amendment
in 1933
it went into effect 1/1/1934
These grapes are from where:
Native American grapes
Synonym for
Fume Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
Synonym for Mataro
Synonym for Muscat Canelli
Muscat Blanc
Synonym in the US for Valdepenas
Synonym in the US for White Riesling
Synonym no longer allowed in the US:
Gamay Beaujolais
Pinot Noir
Synonym no longer allowed in the US Valdiguie
Pinot Noir or Gamay
Synonym no longer allowed in the US for Johannisberg Riesling:
Synonym no longer allowed in the US for Napa Gamay
What is Scuppernong?
Native American Grape of another species other than labrusca-used primarily in the midwest
Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin are:
Native American Grapes
Of the Labrusca Species
French-American Hybrids
They are all French American Hybrids
What is the top wine grape in the US
What is the top red wine grape of the US?
Cabernet followed by Merlot, then Zinfandel
Two grapes that had a mysterious orgin that they came to be considered unique to the US
Zinfandel and Petite Sirah
The political boundaries for grapes and viticultural in the US are called:
American Viticultural Areas
How many AVAs are in the US?
How many AVAs are in CA?
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Brand Name
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Class or type of wine
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Alcohol Content
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Name and address of the bottler/importer
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Place of Origin
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Net Contents (volume) of the bottle
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Sulfite Statement
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Health Warning
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Vintage Date
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Grape Variety
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Appellaton of Origin
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Estate Bottled
Is this mandatory or Optional on the US wine Label:
Label Art
CM/CV on a "CA Champagne" bottle means what
It is short hand for classic method/classic varieties- indicating classic varieties of Champagne
Alcohol Volume in the US usually falls between:
The TTB in the uses allows a variance in alcohol stated by-
1.5% on wine
Wine with alcohol higher than 14% is classified as dessert wine and can only vary by 1 % Sparkling wine can only have a 1% variance
Must a wine display the country's origin
Yes, or a specific appellation with in that country which implies the country
In the US, what % must be from the place stated on the bottle:
75% if from the US-25% can be from imported bulk wine
If a county or state, or foreign place is stated it must be 85%
What % must be from the Vintage date stated?
If a grape variety is stated what % must be from that grape variety in the US:
What is the grape variety % if a grape variety is stated on Native American Grapes
If the Wine comes from Oregon, what must the variety contain:
90% of the grape variety
If a country is stated on a bottle of wine, in the US, what % must come from that country
If grapes state a county or State on the bottle what % must come from there:
75% except for,
CA 100%
WA 95%
If an AVA is stated on the bottle what % of the grapes must come from there:
If a Specific Vineyard is stated what % of the grapes must come from there:
What are the rules for Estate Bottled in the US:
-grapes must come from the vineyards owned or leased by the winery
-vineyards must be within a single AVA
-Winery must be located in the same AVA as the vineyards
What % of the Vineyard acreage in the US is in CA?

they produce 90% of the wine
CA has what type of climate:
The 5 broad regional AVA's in CA
North Coast
Sierra Foothills
San Francisco Bay
Central Coast
South Coast
This CA AVA includes:
North Coast
This CA AVA is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Sacramento
Sierra Foothills
This CA AVA covers the area from San Francisco and Oaklan to Santa Cruz
San Francisco Bay
CA AVA that takes in the Pacific Coast counties between Oakland and Santa Barbara
Central Coast
CA AVA that is below Los Angeles
South Coast
The best know US wine region internationally:
The 3rd largest county in CA in terms of wine grape acreage:
after San Joaquin and Sonoma

Napa is 1/10th of the state's total
What % of wine in CA comes from Napa
Napa is what % red grapes:
3/4 or 75%
Napa's dominant grape:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Chardonnay is the top white (2nd)
followed by:
Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc
This AVAs are located in what county in CA:
Stags Leap District
St. Helen
These AVAs are located in what county:
Oak Knoll District
Below Napa City in the cooler part of Napa County
These higher elevations appellations are located where
Mt. Veeder
Spring Mountain District
Atlas Peak
Which county Napa or Sonoma is more divers in terms of terroir?
This area in CA represents burgundian red and white wines, Champagne style sparkling wines, some Rhone varieties plus Zinfandel:
Sonoma's most widely planted grape is:
followed by Cab Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, the Zinfandel
Sonoma's larges AVA is:
Northern Sonoma
The Alexander Valley AVA is located in which County
The Los Carneros AVA is located in which county in the US
The Dry Creek Valley is located which county in the US:
Sonoma-East of Alexander,north of Northern Sonoma
The Knights Valley is located in which county in the US
Sonoma-East below Alexander
The Russian River Valley is located in which county in the US
Sonoma-West below the Northern Sonoma AVA
The coolest parts of Sonoma County are:
the gap were the Russian River breaks through the coastal range in the south near San Pablo Bay
What portion of Sonoma grapes are red?
Cab Sauvignon slightly leading Pinot Noir
Chardonnay accounts for 80% of the white wine
How many AVA's in:
Napa and Sonoma
15 in Napa
13 in Sonoma
Where is the Anderson Valley AVA located
Mendocino, in the North Coast AVA of California

It is one of the coolest growing areas in CA
Central Coast AVA in CA is well known for
Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs
light to Medium bodied wines
Where is the Monterey AVA located?
In the Central Coast, it is one of the top 5 wine producing counties
What county is Paso Robles located in?
San Luis Obispo, Central Coast AVA
San Luis Obispo County in the Central Coast includes what 3 AVAs?
Paso Robles
Edna Valley
Arroyo Grande Valley
Santa Maria Valley, Santa Rita Hills and Santa Ynez Valley AVAs are located where:
Santa Barbara County in Central Coast AVA
Almost half of CA's total wine grape acreage is here, much of it goes into juice and raisin production:
Central Valley AVA
Central Valley AVA is known for what smaller AVA:
The main grape variety in the Sierra Foothills AVA is:
Where is teh Temecula Valley AVA?
South Coast AVA
The 2nd largest producer (state) of vinifera wine in the US?
This state is divided by the high Cascades range into a cool and very rainy western part and a larger zone to the east that has desertlike conditions with hot summers, very cold winters, and very little preciptation
All most all of Washington's states Vineyards are located:
east of the Cascades
What are the grape leader's in Washington State?
Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon
but the Merlot and Syrah draw the highest critical acclaim.
The primary site in the US for Riesling is in which State:
How many AVAs are in Washington?

How many are East of the Cascades

The largest AVA in Washington is:
Columbia Valley AVA
All Eastern AVA's in Washington are contained in which AVA
Columbia Valley AVA
What state is Horse Heaven Hills AVA located?
Washington State
What state is Rattlesnake Hills located in?
Where is Walla Walla Valley?
Washington State and Oregon
Where is the Yakima Valley
Washington State
Where is Wahluke Slope
Washington State
Oregon wine accounts for what % of US wine:
Oregon's winery's are East or West of the Cascades
This grape makes up 60% of the vineyard acreage in Oregon
Pinot Noir
Followed by Pinot Gris
Oregon Law requires a 90% of the variety if labeled by variety, but makes a 75% exception for which grape
Cabernet Sauvignon
The Willamette Valley is located where:
The Rogue Valley and Umpqua Valley are located where:
in the Southern Oregon AVA
Where is the Columbia Valley located?
Oregon and Washington
Where is the Columbia Gorge located?
Oregon and Washington
Where is Snake River Valley
Where is Eola Amity Hills Located
You would find French American Hybrids like Aurora and Cayuga the only state east of the Pacific Coast that produces a significant volume of wine which is
Which State ranks 2nd behind CA in wine production?
NY, but not vinifera grapes
New York accounts for what % of the US wine production
What state is the Finger Lakes in?
Where does the Niagara Peninsula appellation
Where is Okanagan Valley?
British Columbia
almost exclusively vinifera
What country has the VIntners Quality Alliance (VQA)
Does Canada or Mexico produce more wine?
Mexico-but mostly for Brandy

and mostly in Baja CA