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Dysmenorrhea. Great intensity, copious flow, bright red, PAINS COME SUDDENLY AND LEAVE SUDDENLY, BEARING DOWN SENSATION.
Dysmenorrhea. PMS with heaviness, easy suppression (getting feet wet or cold). Heavy abdomen. Changeable.
Dysmenorrhea. Strong sxs. Worse before and during menses BETTER AFTER MENSES FLOW.
Dysmenorrhea. Irritable, long and associated with abdomen sxs. Long, copious flow. Dark. May have constipation.
Nux vomica
Dysmenorrhea. Great tendency to bleed. Menses too long, copious. Bright red with clots. Shooting pains to pubic region from vagina, uterus or umbilicus. BACK TO FRONT, BELOW UP.
Dysmenorrhea. PMS physical sxs. Menses too soon, last too long, flow too profuse. Pain before and during menses.
Calc carb
Dysmenorrhea-severe: Sensation of heaviness in abdomen, of bearing down.
Metrorrhagia with fluid red or dark blood but mixed with large or dark clots. (Sabin)

Complementary: Calc.

(Right-sided ovarian pains or cysts-Apis, Lyc, Pall, Podo)
Membranes and tissue pass with menses; early, profuse. Infertility. Fear of downward motion. Dry Skin.
Metrorrhagia, especially around time of menopause.
Uterine fibroids.
Calc carb.
Severe dysmenorrhea or metrorrhagia with clots and constricting pains as each clot is passed.
General aggravation 11am or 11pm.
Menses early, violent backache; Chilly.
Nymphomania (Plat)
Calc phos.
Inertia of uterus.
Labor delayed.
Erratic pains.
Caulophyllum: Blue Cohosh
Uterine hemorrhage after anger.
Dark clotted blood with labor-like pains. Irritable, ugly, cross, quarrelsome.
Severe dysmenorrhea, worse as the flow increases.
Cramping, shooting pains across pelvis or into thighs during labor, after delivery; changeable pains
Cimicifuga: Black Cohosh
Dysmenorhea, better heat and pressure. (Mag-P)
> bending double.
Waves of violent cutting, gripping, grasping pains.
Colocynthis-Bitter Apple
Complementary: Staph, Casut
Menses early (Calc), profuse or too late, pale and scanty. Complaints after parturition; Chilly
Kali carb
Sensation of band around throat just before menses. Intermittent. Menses easily suppressed. Amenorrhea. Also metrorrhagia. Menses short duration. Menses irregular. Marked dysmenorrhea beginning of puberty. Flow changeable.
Dysmenorrhea, better warmth and pressure. Membranous dysmenorrhea. Sudden paroxysms of pain. Chilly.
Dysmenorrhea with pains extending to the thighs.
Viburnum: Guelder Rose. Highbush Cranberry.
Severe dysmenorrhea or uterine pains of other origin, begining in low back and scarum and extend to pubis. Pains "as if the bones are breaking open."
Sabina: Savin Juniper
Metrorrhagia with active gushing flow, the blood is often bright red or red mixed with clots.
Metrorrhagia, worse motion, worse at menopause, worse from fibroids, worse from retained placenta, paradoxically may be better by walking.
Ovarian cysts especially the right side.
Severe dysmenorrhea.
Excellent remedy in labor. Speeds dilation. Relieves soreness.
Bloody leukorrhea.
Metrorrhagia with dark, clotted, offensive blood.
Hemorrhage with clots which may be held together in a string.
Hemorrhage AND hysteria or twitches.
Crocus sativus: saffron.
Severe dysmenorrhea, labor-like pains. Menses easily suppressed, worse getting wet, worse exertion. Amenorrhea.
Cyclamen-sowbread, herb
Uterine hemorrhage which starts suddenly with bright red uncoagulated blood, coming in gushes, often with nausea, vomiting and faintness.
Leukorrhea with putrid, excoriating discharges and great itching. Leukorrhea which causes itching, swelling and excoriation of the vulva.
Menses excoriating and offensive.
Metrorrhagia, worse coition.
Premenstrual syndrome.

Excoriation and inflammation of the mucous membranes. Great offensiveness in the inflamed part.
Decay of deciduous death.
Premenstrual syndrome-irritable, jealous, depressed, headache, flushes of heat.
Premenstrual syndrome with great irritability.
Bearing-down sensation as if the organs will prolapse through the pelvis (Sep, Bell, etc.)
Lilium Tigrinum
Chronic vaginitis, urethritis or cystits, especially if this occurs after beginning a new sexual relationship.
Painful coition. Vaginal dryness.Aversion to sex in women.
Nocturnal seminal emissions.
Condylomata of the genitialia or perianal region. Gonorrhea, suppressed gonorrhea;
Genital Warts
Nitricum Acidum
Right-sided ovarian cysts and pains.
Easily offended and feeling of being ignored or insulted.
strong desire for approval.
Pain and inflammation of ovary, especially the right ovary.
General aggravation at 4 or 5 am.
Herpes of the genitals.
Eruptions on the genitals or on the inner thigh.
Rhus Tox
Right ovary enlarged; Thirstless; Sensation of Constriction. Sudden piercing cries.
< heat
< touch
> cool, air
Leukorrhea, acrid, excoriating, thick, yellow, sudden great weakness, craves ice-cold water, which distresses stomach; chilly.
Arsenicum alb
Uterus swelling; enlarged ovaries; throbbing pain. Menses bright-red, to early and profuse. Restless.
< draft, check sweat; light; noise; jarring.
Leukorrhea burning. Stains the linen.
Pelvic Inflammaion
Right ovary pain; acrid, excoriating; gushing, swelling of ovaries, uterus.
Much gas.
Itching from leukorrhea, after menses.
< walking,
Acrid, bloody.
Splinter-like pain
Nitric acid
Itching voluptuous;
Cannot bear touch of clothes to genitals.
Sexual excitment.
Pelvic inflammation.
Pain shoot up into vagina.
Music is intolerable.
< heat.
< pregnancy.
Milky. Gushing. Bearing-down sensation in pelis.
Lochia thin, protracted, offensive, diminished, with shooting pains upward in vagina.
Rhus tox
Enlarged prostrate, especially in elderly.
Baryta carb
Enlarged prostrate. Pain in thighs and loins on urinating.
Enlargement of prostrate; frequent emissions.
Calc carb
Enlarged prostate. Hardness. Effects of suppressed sexual appetite. Flows then stops the flows. (Ledum)
Enlarged prostrate.
< lying on back. Thick, yellow-green discharges; shifting symptoms.
Enlarged prostate, in elderly;
Throbbing, as if a straw were being thrust back and forth.