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Aff: mucous & serous membranes (Bry)

Key: stinging (during urination), swelling, oedema (puffiness like a water balloon). Rapid onset, shiny, red. (No outlet for fluid). +> cold applications (local or general). Thirstless.

Mod: > cold application, < heat, early afternoon (during the heat), right side.

Mind: Industrious (busy as a bee), task oriented, focused worker. Can be irritable if thwarted (esp. work or tasks). More rarely, can have its opposite, sluggish (like a bee in hot weather). Jealous, suspicious, strong sexual urge.

Cl: cystitis w/ scalding stinging pain during urination. Retained urination (post childbirth or neonate), glomerulonephritis, nephritic syndrome w/ anasarca (swelling of entire body). Pyelonephritis, urinary incontinence w/ cough. Albuminerous urine, urine w/ sediment.
- Rapid onset!
- Pain is in urethra. The child may grab genitalia ( like Petr) and dance around the room.
Aff: urinary system (kidneys), joints

Sens: - stitching pain, pains like little bubbles running along a course (ureters, kidneys, spermatic cord to testes, urethra, thighs). Sharp, radiating pains, neuralgic pain (any area), colicky pains
- Kidney: bubbling sensation or numbness in kidney region.
- Joints & Back: Low back pain or sciatica with sharp pains radiating outward or down the thighs. Stiffness w/ back pain. Tendency to calculus formation.

Mod: < jarring (e.g., stepping down on stairs, etc), motion, walking. Bladder pain > during urination and < when not urinating.

Cl: Cystitis, nephritis **, arthritis, rheumatism, gallstones, kidney stones, gout.
- There is a connection between urine build up, calculus formation and gout which is evidenced in this remedy.
- Pain in distal urethra or meatus. For “pain when not urinating” is not common for cystitis – more for kidney infections with “radiating from kidney area pains”.
Aff: urogenital system, mucous membranes.

Sens: burning, smarting after urination. Spasm, contraction.

Uro/gen: cystitis w/ burning during and at the end of urination. Pain in urethra or meatus. Spasmodic closure of sphincter, stopping the flow of urine. Urethral structure (often results in a forked stream of urine). D/C from urethra, irritation.

Mod: < touch & external pressure (urethra)

Cl: Cystitis, prostatitis, urethritis, gonorrhoea
- Both Cann-i and Cann-s have an affinity for the urogenital system (very sycotic remedies), can share some mental symptoms, but Cann-s is more focused on the urogenital area and not on the mind as much as Cann-i. Both remedies have been in widespread use since the 1960’s sexual revolution.
Aff: Skin, mucous membranes (usu. assoc. w/ bladder irritation)

Mod: < light touch, urinating. > cold applications, rubbing the genitalia

Mind: anger or rage or great irritability. Pain is so great the state is mania-like (Stram or Bell). A sexual component is present, in that the pain is described as “voluptuous itching or pain” which is relieved somewhat by rubbing or scratching. This remedy is unique in its desire for sexual stimulation with cystitis.

Uro/gen: BURNING pain stimulating sexual desire (SRP). Blood in urine (very destructive) Very painful urination especially during urination with a sensation like boiling water passing through. Small amounts of urine are passed. Erections with urethral D/C or UTI with haemorrhage. Burning of labia.

Skin: burns (review the burn sxs given previously). Burning with vesicles, itching.

Cl: Burns, cystitis, used to expel retained placenta or uterine contents after miscarriage
- Cantharis & Merc-corr. Are the 2 most violent, corrosive states in cystitis. There is rapid onset (Acon, Bell) but Cantharis quickly becomes destructive.
- Rubbing/scratching does not have to be there, but if is – that’s the remedy. Some say – not.
- Most pain during urination but also before and after.
- Has all the urinary sxs in the rep. Rapidity is the key!
Aff: genito-urinary tract, kidneys. (Nearly a “specific” for UTI with the chief symptom being retained urine, esp with ropy mucous and pus in the urine.)

Sens: Urging pain with retained urine even when pressing for a long time (a near specific in benign prostatic hypertrophy. Sensation like a ball in the perinaeum.

Mod: Needs to stand with feet wide apart and bend forward to urinate (males). Labia inflamed and swollen w./ pain in the vagina. Hot flushes. < damp weather, sitting on cold surfaces.

Urethral stricture (urine in forked stream).

Cl: Cystitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy, breast tumours.
- CC – retained urine with mucous and puss in it.
Aff: urinary tract, esp. bladder

Sens: pain & fullness, even after urination. Pain at the end of urination (Sarsp), frequent urging. SRP: more urging when bladder is relatively empty, less urging when bladder is more full)

Concomitant sxs: painful dysuria w/ large quanitites of urine. Enuresis in children who are dreaming or having nightmares.

Cl: cystitis, enuresis in childhood.
Aff: mucous membranes

Sens: BURNING, excoriating, boiling (hot water in it), destructive D/C

Modalities: < night, evening. > at rest

Uro/gen: cystitis w/ frequent urging which is not > by urination. TENESMUS. Burning urethritis w/ purulent D/C. Urine scanty and feels hot. Intense pain w/ burning & excoriation. Greenish, yellowish mucopurulent D/C with blood in it. (Could be gonorrhoea). Urine scanty or retained. Penis & testes SWOLLEN with red, hot and swollen orifice.

GI: Tenesmus not relieved by stool. Stool is hot, bloody, slimy, offensive with shreds of mucous membranes in it (shows the destructive nature of the remedy).

Throat: Red, burning, raw, swollen, INTENSELY INFLAMED. Swollen glands, with pains extending to the ears.

Cl: Cystitis, colitis, Crohn’s disease, dysentery, pharyngitis, urethritis, iritis
- Cantharis & Merc-corr. Are the 2 most violent, corrosive states in cystitis. There is rapid onset (Acon, Bell) but Cantharis quickly becomes destructive.
- (This is similar to Mercurius vivus but it is more destructive and tenesmus (ineffective spasms and urging) is an important feature. It is similar to Cantharis in its element of destruction.)
- Merc-c vs. Kreos: Creos more cancerous and foul, dark discharges; hemorrhages, corrosiveness; peevish, painful teething.
- The most corrosive of all Merc
Aff: urinary tract, esp. urethra

Sens: intense pain w/ tickly itching, tingling. The tingling is so intense and sudden that people have described wanting to jam something up against the area to stop it.

Conc: Urging and pains come on quickly, causing a person to jump up suddenly and hop around on the way to the toilet.

Cl: cystitis, gonorrhoea
Aff: urinary tract & skin

Gen: Chilly, < cold

Sens: Severe pain at end of urination (Berb, Equis, Med Thuja) due to spasmodic contracture. Urine dribbles or passes in thin stream. Pain is so bad people cry out during urination, esp. the last bit. Renal colic (pain in back in kidney area extending to bladder). A sensation of coldness in the bladder after urinating.

Conc: In cystitis, must stand to urinate (males). Leans backwards to urinate. Bloody, cloudy urine. Skin sxs if they break out with the urinary sxs (herpes or eczema).

Skin: Cracking on hands & soles of feet. Dry palms. Itching that moves around after scratching.
Aff: Nervous system and genito-urinary tract and skin.

Mind: Dwelling on sexual matters, fantasies, frequent masturbation, romantic longings. Very sensitive to others’ opinions and attitudes toward her. Ailments from sexual abuse or first intercourse with sense of violation. SUPPRESSED ANGER.

Uro/gen: cystitis after first intercourse (used to be called the bride’s remedy), or after every intercourse (tissues are sensitive). Pressure in bladder as if it did not empty, as if a drop of urine will dripping along the urethra. < sitting down on sore tissues. Burning in urethra when not urinating. Frequent urging and urination, with pain after urination. Enlarged prostate.

Mod: < after anger, indignation, mortification, touch of affected parts (sitting down). > rest, warmth
- brides and circumcision
- she lets him, he damped her, she gets cystitis
- afraid to say no to rape
- women after each intercourse –lots of antibiotics, suppression => no specific sxs. Migh not feel angry.
Aff: urinary tract, mucous membranes

Sens: burning, corrosive and haemorrhagic pains (think of turpentine on your skin or breathing it in)


Uro/gen: Urine is bloody or grey/smoke coloured. Said to smell of violets. Severe UTIs with burning pains. Pyelonephritis, haemorrhagic cystitis. Strangury (restriction in the flow) with bloody urine. Urethritis w/ painful erections (Canthar) Kidney inflammation after any any acute disease (more flu & measles as oppose to just cold). Unrelieved tenesmus. Bright’s disease preceded with oedema. Burning pains in the kidney areas.

Resp: Dyspnoea and lungs feel distended (think of turpentine vapour). Haemoptysis, bloody expectoration. Chronic bronchitis through the winter.