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What are the functions of the kidneys?
To help maintain volume & composition of body fluids, filter blood and remove wastes, making urine to be exreted via the bladder
What is a nephron and what are it's functions?
the basic functional unit of the kidney. They remove end products of metabolism and make urine and maintains and regulates fluid balance by selective reabsorption and secretion.
How often does the kidneys clean our blood?
Every 30 minutes
What is the bladder?
a smooth muscle sac that serves as a reservoir for urine.
What are the three layers of the bladder that make up the detrusor muscles?
inner longitudinal layer, middle circular layer, outer longitudinal layer
The _______________ system carries motor impulses to the bladder and inhibitory impulses to the internal sphincter.
What is micturation?
urination; voiding
What is the normal output for an adult? child?
Adult urinary output should be at least 40cc/hr and for a child should be 2cc/hr/kg
What is urinary retention and what types of things can cause it?
unable to void. Causes include: immobility, infection, anesthesia, fear of pain during urination, trauma.
What are some factors that can affect micturation?
toilet training, aging, food and fluids, psychological, activity and muscle tone, pathologic conditions, medications