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d: renal lobe
medullary pyramid and overlying cortex
d: renal lobule
ray with surrounding cortical tissue.
d: medullary ray
bundles of collecting ducts and bv's
What consists of a nephron
renal corpusucle/bowman's, glomerulus, prox tubule, loop, distal tubule.
what is a uriniferous tubule
nepron and collecting tubule. func to form urine.
whats the difference btw secretion and resorption
tissue to tubule, tubule into tissue.
role of podocyte
wrap around single layer of endothelial cells of glomerular capillaries
describe the filtration barrier. types of cells? characteristics?
1. capillary endothelium (fen) 2. BM shared btw endo and podocyts. 3. podocyte filtration slits. 4. mesengial cell: endocytose material that passes fen endo cells.
epithelium of prox tubule
cuboidal to low columnar. microvilli BB. numerous infoldings and mito.
epithelium of thick des loop?
simple cuboidal to low columnar.
epithelium of thick ascending loop
same as distal tubule
thin loop of henle epithelium?
simple squamose epi
describe func of regions on nephron. Prox
prox: 65% NaCl, H20, 100% AA, sugars, little protein.
func of loop on henle
gen: primary func trans NaCl from tubule to medulla.
thin: s. sq. concentration of urine. des: perm to H2) but imperm NaCl so H20 leaves tubule. ascend: imperm H20 NaCl leaves tubule.
func of distal tubule
cuboidal no BB, contain mito. Na+/K+ ATPase Na+ transport. Func is to reabsorb NaCl form tubule. also bicarbonate, excretion of ammonia.
role and function of JG cells
secrete renin, baroreceptor for BP drop in kidney.
role and function of macula densa
osmoreceptor for changees in Na+ concentration. sends signal to JG cells to secrete renin.
characteristics and func of mesengeal cells.
phagocytic, porstaglandins and cytokines, contract and regualte Blood flow.
describe role of renin concerning angiotensinogen.
angiotensinogen (renin)=>angiotensin I (angiotensin convert enz) => angiotensin II => is a vasopressor and contraction of SM. also stim increase aldosterone which will increase Na+ reabsorp and increase BV and BP.
func of collecting duct
To reabsorb Na+ in exchange for K+.
To excrete urea.
To secrete H+ to acidify the urine.
To reabsorb water.
whats the effect of ADH on the collecting duct?
perm of epi cells of water is increased.
d: vasa rectae
extend deep into the medulla and essen to maintain osmotic gradient.
extrarenal collecting system.
transitional epi which is imperm to salt and water. male : trans becomes pseudo strat female: trans becomes stratified sq.
flow of ultrafiltrate in nephron
prox to thick desceing limb to ascending limb to distal con to collecting tubule to collecting duct to duct of bellini.
what cells make up the filtration apparatus
podocyte and endothelial cell. fenestrated prevents blood but allows plasma components.
effects of angiotensin II
stim: aldosterone, vasocontriction, ADH, reabsorption of NaCl in prox. reabsorp of naCl in thick ascending loop.