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List all the macroscopic parts of the Kidney
• Renal Capusle
• Cortex
• Medulla
• Hilus or Hilum
• Renal Pelvis
• Ureter
• Urinary bladder
• Urethra
make sure to list 8
Where does the URETER start and where does it carry fluids?
starts at the kidney and carries the fluids down to the bladder
starts at the process of filtering
Where does the URETHRA start and where does it carry fluids?
Starts at the bladder and exits the urine out of the body
the last function before the exit of urine
What is the samllest functional unit of the kidney?
The Nephron
A single kidney = 1,000,000 of them
What is the main component of Urine?
main fluid of the body
List 3 steps to makiing Urine
1. filteration
2. Re-absorption
3. secretion
none. repeatition!
Where in a nephron does filtration occur?
from glomerulus into Bowmans's capsule
none. repeatition!
During Intense activity , will blood pressure of the glomerulus increase or decrease?
Overall does urine production increase or decrease in response to higher blood pressure ?