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UB 44
Level with Heart-T5, calms the mind, shen disturbance
UB 47
Level with Liver,- T9, all conditions related to Hun,
UB 49
level with sp-T11, stimulates memory and concentration, capacity to study, worry
UB 52
level w/Kidney-L2, will power, lack of mental strength, fears, strengthens the back, tonifies kidneys, consolidates essence
UB 57
hemmoroids, low back pain, esp along the spine, spasm of gastrocnemius, commonly used, great local point
UB 58
Luo, harmonizes upper and lower part of channel, channel pain, brings yang to the head, Luo to water/kd/zhi, supports kidneys, clears heat
UB 59
cleft of the Yang QIao,
UB 60
distal point for channel:headache, occipital, neck, Xu type lumbar and back pain, promotes labor, Jing River, clears stagnations in the channel, c/i with pregnancy this point has a powerful downward influence, fire point in the water (yang tonifying yin), commonly used point as a distal point on the leg
UB 65
sedation point (wood point on water channel), shu-stream, excess headache, stiff neck, back pain, removes obstruction from channel, 62-65 are common distal points, resolves toxins, best distal point for pain on the channel (all stream point treat pain on their channels or their partner channels) particularly for tai yang headache (also GB 41)
UB 62
this point is the master point of the Yang Qiao channel, controls the lateral flanks of the body, especially movement and agility, mobility,powerful distal point for the channel (can drain fire and wind), back pain, calms shen
Top UB distal points?
UB 67
Exit point, malposition of fetus, headache, difficult labor, Opthalmalgia, Jing Well,eliminates wind, removes obstructions from channels, moves blood, clears eyes, clears brain. Kidney is extreme Yin, this points connects to Kidney 1
Kidney pathway
begins beneath the little toe,
• crosses the sole of the foot to Yongquan KID-1,
• emerges at Rangu KID-2, anterior and inferior to the
navicular tuberosity,
• travels posterior to the medial malleolus at Taixi KID-3
where it descends through the heel and then ascends
to below the medial malleolus at Zhaohai KID-6,
• ascends along the medial aspect of the leg,
intersecting the Spleen channel at Sanyinjiao SP-6,
meets with
Changqiang DU-1
• continues up the leg to the medial side of the
popliteal fossa at Yingu KID-10 and along the
postero-medial aspect of the thigh to the tip of the
coccyx where it intersects with the Governing vessel
at Changqiang DU-l
• threads its way through the spine, enters the Kidney
and connects with the Bladder,
• intersects the Conception vessel at Zhongji REN-3,
Guanyuan REN-4 and Yinjiao REN-7,
Kidney, Bladder, liver, lung and heart
one kidney branch
one branch emerges from the Kidney, ascends
through the Liver and diaphragm, enters the Lung
and ascends along the throat to terminate at the root
of the tongue,
UB 1
Mtg point of SI, St, GB and SJ. All Yang channels meet here except LI, Expels wind, clears heat, brightens the eyes, stops pain, stop itching
UB 2
often used as replacement for BL 1
UB 5
subdues internal wind, rigid spine in children, epilespy convulsions
UB 10
4 seas of Qi, lot of local issues, clears brain, expels wind, invigorates lower back
UB 11
4 seas of blood, influential/bone, Mtg SI, SJ, GB and Du, stream points for Bi-syndrome, pain in neck and back, neck rigidity. BONES AND BLOOD
UB 12
expel wind, releases exterior, . Lots of overlap b/n UB 12 and UB 13
UB 13
BS of Lung, Lungs Hollow
UB 14
PC back Shu
Ub 15
Ht BS Level to T5. Stimulates the brain, loss of memory,spitting of blood
UB 17
Heart pathway conects to the following organs
Lung, Small Intestine, Heart, tissues surrounding the eyes, blood vessels, diaphragm
Most commonly used heart points?
Ht, 1, Ht 3, Ht 5, Ht 6, Ht 7, Ht 8
Ht 1
Entry, clears heart Yin Xu, dryness of throat, night sweats, clears empty heat, Paralysis due to wind stroke, insomnia-Yin Xu
Heart 3
water, He-Sea, Ht 3 is the sea point and a water point. clears heart heat, calms shen, removes obstruction from the channels
Heart 5
Luo, tonifies Heart Qi, palpitations, calms the spirit, benefits the bladder
Heart 6
Heart 7
Yuan, shu-stream, sedation. Nourishes, Heart blood, opens orifices, calms mind, Quiets the Heart and mind, clears Heart Heat
SI 1
entry, Jing Well, Opens orifices, clears obstructions from channel, Insufficient lactation-obstruction and coagulation of milk
SI 3
Wood, shu stream, tonification, Master/Du Mai. Vertex and occipital headache, relaxes any muscle along Du Mai, UB or SI channels, acute lumbar sprain
SI 6
xi-cleft, benefits elderly, bi syndrome
SI 7
Luo connecting point, invigorates the Channel, neck rigidity
SI 8
Earth, He-Sea, sedation
SI 11
Local Pain, effects the chest
SI 12
mtg of GB, Li and SJ
SI 18
mtg 3-yang tendo-muscular channel of the leg, leg tendon problems, facial paralysis
SI 19
listening palace,deafness,tinnitus, toothache
Which UB points would you select to treat hemorroids?
ub 40,ub 54,ub 57,
Of the 8 sacral foramen, which is used more commonly clinically?
UB 32
UB 32
important gyno point,tonifies KD essence, nourishes KD (QI),genital conditions, low back pain
UB 39
SJ lower He-sea, regulates water pathways, ankle edema, opens waterways in lower burner
UB 40
He- sea, command point of the back, back pain, HEAT IN BLOOD CAUSING SKIN DISEASE, benefit enitre channel
UB 65
sedation, shu stream point, therefore really good for clearing heat, back pain
UB 67
malposition of the fetus
KD 1
Jing Well, Wood, entry point, connects with UB 67, lot of movement, Jing well, so can treat all signs and symptoms of KD channel, clears the brain, bottom treating top, dizziness, epilepsy
KD 2
more common channels for using ying spring (changes in complexion) clears kd yin or yin deficiency heat. Fire Yang nature on the channel. 'blazing valley'.
KD 3
SOURCE POINT ON YIN CHANNEL TREATS DEFICIENT CONDITION. This only occurs with source points on yin channels Earth is where damp is produced. Lots of tonifies, regulates uterus, clears false heat. Benefits all related areas of KD. Major point
Kd 4
Luo connecting
Kd 5
Kd 6
one of the best points to nourish fluids. multifaceted. KD point-close to source point and malleolus (related to marrow. Jing). Where the Yin Qiao originates. Important for reproductive organs, regulates lower limb, benefits the eyes
3 Kd points used a lot
2,3, and 6
Jing River, Transporting points. Big time tonification point(classic theory). regulates sweating/fluids. Returning current. resolves damp of lower limb, strengthens lower back
Major points for water fluids
Kd 6, Kd 7, Sp 9 and Ren 9
Kd 8
xi-cleft of Yin Qiao. removes obstructions from the channels abdominal masses
Kd 9
Heart and Kidney disharmony, calm mind, especially from Kd Yin Xu
Kd 10
Transporting point. He- Sea, Horary. pain in the knee and popliteal fossa, expels damp in lower jiao
kd 16
relationship to ht, shao yin- heart and kd not communicating. descends lung qi to kidney
Kd 27
Kidney Qi not grasping Qi (can't grasp lung Qi) Subdues rebellious Qi. COugh and asthma
Zang Organs
Lv 13
Fu Organs
Ren 12
Ren 17
UB 17
GB 34
UB 11
GB 39
Arterial Pulse
Lu 9
PC 3
water, he-sea. Clears heat (jueyin) on a nutritive deep stage or level. Sunstroke. Water point that treats fire
PC 4
xi-cleft- epitaxis, regulates Heart's rhythm
Pc 5
Luo of the 3 yin channels (lu, PC, Ht). Empirical point for malaria, phlegm misting the heart
PC 6
Big daddy point. Luo. Master point of the Yin Wei Mai- influences chest and flanks, PMS, carpal tunnel syndrome, can guide any treatment inward, Arguably top 10 point in TCM, shen disturbance
PC 7
yuan source, SEDATION, Quiets the spirit, calms mind, clears Ht heat, irritability
Ying spring fire point, horary point, exit point. Better for emotional problems due to excesses
PC 9
wood, jing well, tonification, loss of consciousness, clears heat
San Jiao
Avenue for original QI
Upper burner:distributes fluids to whole body
Middle: T&T
Lower:separates pure from impure
SJ 1
Well, metal
SJ 3
wood point on fire channel-tonification, distal and empirical point for ears. MAJOR POINT FOR EAR IRREGULARITY. Shu stream:any pain on the channel
SJ 4
Yuan. source point on a source channel. Therefore has a profound influence. Chronic fatigue. Source point on a yang channel- use them to deal with excess. Invigorates yang w/Du 20. Drains with GB 20
SJ 5
Luo point, master Yang Wei Mai. can move things to the outer. major point for releasing the exterior. Powerful distal point for channel