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Who appoints the COMSEC manager?
Wing commander.
What rank must primary COMSEC responsibility officers (CRO) hold?
Who is the approval authority for primary COMSEC responsibility officer (CRO) grade
COMSEC manager.
Which Air Force Instruction covers the Cryptographic Access Program?
AFI 33–210.
To ensure COMSEC responsibility officers are complying with applicable directives and
accounting for the COMSEC material under their control, the COMSEC manager is required to
inspect their accounts at least
Who is responsible for the production and management of cryptographic material within the
US government?
Director National Security Agency (DIRNSA)
Who handles the day-to-day operations of the base (Communications Sq)account?
COMSEC accountants.
To protect COMSEC information and material, the classification of the combination to any
security container is
classified to the highest classification of material within the container.
The handling and accounting of COMSEC material is determined by the
accounting legend code.
Who oversees and manages the operational use and control of COMSEC material?
COMSEC manager.
Which COMSEC material is accounted for and inventoried continuously by quantity?
Which form can be considered a daily physical security inventory of your environment?
SF 701.
AF Forms 1109 are destroyed after
90 days.
How often must the security clearances of personnel working in a COMSEC account be
Which of the following is not a reason to change a security container combination?
n use for 3 months.