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The movement of cities outward, away from town's center is called...
urban sprawl
Former industrial sites, now abandoned and possibly containing hazardous waste, in cities, are called....
Urban sprawl typically causes the disappearance of f_____ and natural areas with the required appearance of more r_____.
Urban sprawl is designed with the ____ in mind, not the pedestrian or bicyclist.
______ are environmentally friendly places allowing people to socialize, do business, and get to work without cars.
At the end of WWII, cities became more industrial and less pleasant places to live. So, the American Dream was to....
have your home and land away from the city.
With more people buying cars a the end of WWII, there was little need for ___ ____ anymore, since you could drive where you pleased.
mass transit
More cars meant more congestion, more accidents, and more air_____ and much more ______ consumed.
Living in suburbs meant that more i____, like wires, pipes, garbage service, and schools be extended which is costly.
Each gallon of gas purchased has contributed some tax to the H___ T____ fund, which helps build new roads.
Highway Trust
The more you commute, the more...
the Highway Trust Fund will build roads for you, which will promote more suburbs, which promotes more driving, which (CYCLE REPEATS)
New and further suburbs are called...
Urban sprawl is ___ sustainable.
un or not
High density (more sustainable) housing can be found in....
Low density housing can be found in....
Urban sprawl ____water runoff, instead of allowing water to i_____ the groundwater, and _____ surface water quality.
Startling, but our little mountain town is close to 4 of the worst 5 cases of urban sprawl in the country. They are...
Greensboro- Winston/Salem - High Point
(#8 - Knoxville)
Urban sprawl is causing more of our food to be grown ....
farther away
More wildlife is killed by ____ (& hence roads) than by by hunters.
Urban sprawl is causing higher incidence of o____ and high ___ ___ because we don't walk or bike as much anymore.
blood pressure
One big reason urban sprawl is favored is because of reduced amount of c____, and thus people feel safer.
Quality of e_____ for kids has generally been better with urban sprawl, but this is not always true.
Housing is usually $ ?? in the suburbs
Suburbs usually allow ____ participation in local government.
Suburbs tend to be more h____ in the type of people they have (which can actually be a bad thing since it promotes segregation).
Because of suburbs, ____ people are often left in cities, making their problem even worse.
poor / minority / handicapped
As people/business exit cities, the ____ base (which supports the infrastructure of the city) erodes, leaving the cities poorer than ever.
Racial integration combined with ability to buy a car and a suburb home created....
"white flight"
"White flight" caused cities to become ....
blighted (mostly poor African Americans & minorities remained).
When businesses close and board-up in blighted cities, the value of the property _____, meaning that ____ tax dollars will be collected on that property
fewer, if any
With businesses in blighted cities mostly gone, ____ is serious because the remaining poor folks have no place to work and local services are no longer available.
unemployment (about 50%)
Because of unemployment and lack of business in blighted cities, residents often resort to ______ to sustain themselves.
drug dealing, violence, crime, prostitution, etc.
Urban blight can be corrected when city leaders....
make efforts to revitalize downtowns and encourage growth there with incentive and transportation
Cities built with p_____ and b____ in mind are sustainable cleaner, and friendlier places to live.
One activity that reduces urban blight is creation of u____ g____ so food won't have to come from so far away and to give ____ to some poor people and a way for people to c_____ their waste organic matter.
urban gardens