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William Julius Wilson
PhD 1966 Washington State U
Don A. Dillman
Washington State U, Pullman

Ph.D., Iowa State, 1969

Areas: Survey Methodology, Community, Rural Sociology and the Diffusion of Technologies
Stephen Steinberg
Studies, Queens College/CUNY

PhD, UC Berkeley

AREAS: Urban, Race, ethnicity, immigration; urban; soc of knowledge.

2007 Publication: Race Relations: A Critique (Stanford)
Angie Y. Chung
SUNY, Albany

Ph.D. 2001 UCLA

AREAS: Urban, Race/Ethnicity, Immigration, Asian-Am Studies [Korean]; Ethnography / Qual Methods

Book: 2007 "Legacies of Struggle: Conflict and Cooperation in Korean American Politics"
Lyn Lofland
UC Davis

Ph.D. 1971 UC San Francisco

AREAS: Ethnography and social psychology. Urban, race/ethnic
Edward E. Telles

Ph.D. U Texas, Austin

AREAS: Race/Ethnicity, Social Demography, Development, Urban

HONORS: 2006 ASA Sorokin Award for book "Race in Another America..."
Joe Feagin
Texas A&M

Ph.D. 1966, Harvard

AREAS: Racial/Ethnicity, Gender Relations, Urban Political Economy
Shirley A. Hill
U Kansas

Ph.D. 1992 U Kansas

AREAS: Black family, gender, medical soc.; ethnographic methods
Simon Weffer-Elizondo
UC Merced

Ph.D. 2004 Stanford

AREAS: social movements, race / ethnicity, mobilization (focus on Chicago n'hood)