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wore the spurs
urban or suburban
ate the hamburger
a gurgling stream
furnish the apartment
purchase the new home
go around the curve
found the purse
the murky water
will burn down
in a nursing home
was hurting
heard a gurgle
a purple purse
lived in the suburb
floated to the surface
went on Thursday
was a blur
heard the murmur
occur to you
churning the butter
squirted the hose
squirming turtles
turning water murky
an urgent request
Hurry up!
displayed the urn
three dirty urchins
a burr in its fur
enforced the rules
carried the burden
school supplies
burned to a crisp
curled her bangs
a furry bear
a burly bear
Burping is not polite.
orbiting around the sun
a purring cat
I am urging you
ate the hamburger
carried the burden
purchased the furniture
a curvy road
hamburger with cheese
turkey and dressing
the white church
a surge of water
hurting my feelings
turn the wheel
goes to church
hurt his big toe
a purple robe
squirting the ink
a Red Cross nurse
hit the curb
spur him on
burst the bubble
a fur coat
afraid to turn
a turtle's hard shell
squirms in his chair
the burning torch
lurks in the dark
tries to surf
jumps the hurdle
Are you hurt?
the purring cat
curly hair
on his surfboaard
turkey pot pie
urged to go
a pretty purse
wore the spurs
burped loudly
urban or suburban
ate the hamburger
a gurgling stream
furnished the apartment