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what muscles involve the depression of scapula
pect minor, trapezua (lower portion). when reaching down
what muscles involve elevation of scapula
trapezua (upper) levator scapulae. when arm raised over head.
characteristics and func of glenohumeral joint
hum head in glenoid fossa. rotator cuff: SITS. S: abductor. "IT": lateral S: medial
other muscles that move glenohumeral joint
DPCLT. D:ab, flex, (post ex). PC: flexor LT: ad, ex
3 large flexors: biceps coracobrachialis, brachialis. Sen: lateral aspect of forearm
Median N
flexors and pronators of ant forearm.
Ulnar N
small muscles of hand, ulnar side of flexor digitorum
radial N
large, supply all extensor muscles of upp limb,triceps brachii, brachioradialis, sen: post arm, forearm, dorsum hand
axillary N
teres minor and deltoid, sensory: shoulder jt and skin
Pec ma
At: CL mid, sterum, costal cart 1-6 to humerus: greater tubercle. A: flex arm, roate medial, adduct, elevate ribs N: lat, med pec N
pec minor
ribs 3-5 ant to scapula: coracoid process. A: protract, depress, lat rotate, elevate ribs. N: medial pec N
serraus ant
ribs 1-8 to scapula ant vertbral boarder. A: protract, rotate medially, eleveate ribs
At: all T and C spines, ligmentum nuchace, sup nuchal line to Scapula: spine and acromion and clavicle: sup lat third. A: upper elevate scap, lower depress scap, mid retract scap, roate lat. N: CN XI, APR C3,4
AT: clavicle in lat 3rd and scapula acromion, spine to humerus deltoid tuberosity. A: abducts, flex, rotate medial,extend, rotate lat
biceps brachii
At: scapula short coracoid pro, long: supraglenoid tubercle to common tendon into radial tuberosity. A: flexor of forearm, supinator. N: Muscullocutaneous
AT: coracoid process to mid shaft. A: flex, adduct arm N: musculo
humerus ant distal to ulna coronoid process. A: flexor of forearm. N: musculo
Triceps brachii
AT: scapula,humerus to ulna: tendon inot olcrenon. A: extend forearm. N: radial