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Superior bone in the arm:
Rounded portion on top:
Humeral Head
Section where the Humeral Head connects to the rest of the bone:
Anatomical Neck
Large bump on the lateral side of the Humerous:
Greater Tubercle
Smaller bump on the Humerous and more medial
Lesser Tubercle
Dip between 2 tubercles:
Intertubercular Groove
Rough Bump in the middle of the shaft:
Deltoid Tuberosity
Rounded surface on the bottom of the Humerous; lateral side
Rounded surface on the medial side of the Humerous:
Bump above Capitulum on the lateral side:
Lateral Epicondyle
Bump above trochlea, medial side
Medial Epicondyle
Ridge above the Lateral Epicondyle:
Lateral Superacondylar Ridge
Ridge aboce the Medial Epicondyle:
Medial Supracondylar Ridge
Indent, anterior side above trochlea and capitulum on the Humerous:
Coroniod Fossa
Indent, posterior side of the Humerous:
Olecranon Fossa
Lateral Bone of the Forearm:
Disk shaped area on the superior portion of the Radius:
Radial Head
Rough bump difectly below the Radial Head:
Radial Tuberosity
Most distal tip of the Radius:
Radial Styloid
Medial bone of the forearm:
U-shaped depression fits around throchlea of the Ulna:
Trochlear Notch
Projection on posterior side of the Ulna:
Olecranon Process
Projection on the Anterior side of the Ulna:
Coronoid Process
Pointy bone at the distal end of the Ulna:
Ulnar Styloid
Indentation where the Radius sits on the Ulna:
Radial Notch