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What are the four segments of the upper extremity?
Arm (brachium)
Forearm (antebrachium)
Hand (manus)
How is the upper and lower limbs similar?
Both are similiar in developmet.
The upper limb is not involved in?
The upper limb is not involved in motility (spontaneous or independent movement) and weight bearing. It has considerable amount of strength. Its stability has been sacrificed to gain mobility.
The upper limb is characterized by its?
Mobility (moving freely) and ability to grasp, strike, and conduct fine motor skills.
The upper and lower limbs are attached to the?
Axial skeleton (cranium, vertebral column, and associated thoracic cage) via the bony pectoral and pelvic girdles.
The pelvic girdle consists of?
Two hip bones connected to the sacrum.
The pectoral girdle consist of?
Scapulae and clavicles, connected to the manubrium of the sternum.
The upper and lower limbs (pectoral and pelvic girdle) possess....
A large flat bone located posteriorly, which provides for attachment of proximal muscles and connects with its contralateral partner anteriorly via small bony braces, the pubic rami and clavicles.
How are the Iliac bones connected?
Posteriorly to the sacrum by the rigid, weight transfering sacroiliac joint.
How are the two sides of the pelvic girdle attached?
Connected both anteriorly and posteriorly, the pevlic gridle forms a complete ring that limits mobility, making movements of one limb markedly affect the movements of the other. Making it more stable.
How is the pectoral girdle attached?
Is connected to the trunk only anteriorly via the sternum by flexible joints with 3 degree of freedom. Very mobile. Incomplete ring because the scapulae are not connected with each other posteriorly.
In both the upper and lower limbs, the long bone of the _____ is the _____ and ____.
Proximal, largest and unpaired.
The pectoral girdle and bones of the free part of the upper limb form?
Superior appendicular skeleton.
The pelvic girdle and bones of the free part of the lower form?
Inferior appendicular skeleton.
Where does the superior appendicular skeleton that articulates with the axial skeleton at?
Sternocclavicular joint, allows great mobility.
What does the clavicle do?
Connects upper limb to the trunk.
What are the two ends of the clavicle and joints do they form.
Sternal end articulates with the sternum to form the sternoclavicular joint (SC). The Acrominal end articulates with the acromion of the scapula forming the acromioclavicular (AC) joint.
Of the clavicle, what is convex and what is concave?
The medial 2/3rds are convex anteriorly, and the lateral 1/3rd is concave anteriorly. Shock absorbtion
What are the functions of the clavicle?
Serves as a moveable strut (rigid support) from which scapula and free limb are suspended, allowing for maximum mobility. Allows movement of the scapula on the thoracic. Protects neurovascular bundle of the upper extremity. Shock absorption.
Shocks received by the upper limb (especially the shoulder) are transmitted ....
Through the clavicle, resulting in a fracture that is most commononly occurs between its middle and lateral thirds. The clavicle is the first long bone to ossify and the last to be fully formed.
Is the stabilizing bone of the forearm and is the medial and longer of the two forearm bones.
Four anterior axioappendicular muscles move the pectoral girdle:
Pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, subclavius, and serratus anterior.
What is the pectoral girdle?
Is a bony ring, incomplete posteriorly, formed by the scapulae and clavicles and completed anteriorly by the manubium of the sternum.