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political party- William and Robert Baldwin?
Reformers- Upper Can
What did William and Robert Baldwin want?
wanted the gov't to choose its council from the largest party in Assembly, Governor to carry out the wishes of the largest # of voters
political party- W.L Mackenzie?
Radical Reformers in Upper Can
what did Mackenzie want?
wanted to break free of Britain government
political party- Colonel Gore?
Chateau Clique- Lower Can
what did Colonel Gore want?
roads and canals to beifit the englush business
political party- Sir F. Bond-Head?
Family Compact- Upper Can
what did Sir F. Bond Head do?
Forced people to vote for the Tories, and said that if they voted for the Reformers, they were traitors to Britain
political party- Louis Joseph Papineau?
Reformers and the Patriotes- Lower Can.
what did Papineau want?
to give French people a greater role in law making
What did Papineau do?
started a rebellion against the Chateau Clique (English)
who was Lord Durham?
Governor of all British North American colonies, sent by the British gov't
What did Lord Durham do?
Established the Durhams Report.
What was the Durham Report?
recommendations to be done to solve the problems of upper and lower canada
What was Durhams recommendations for Upper and Lower Canada?
That they be joined into the province of Canada.
That there be responsible government, signing bills that were passed by the Assembly
Other Recommendations of the Durham Report?
Anglican Church has no more priviledges than Protestant Church.
Colonies allowed to manage their day to day affairs.
British Gov't focus on defence and constitutional reform.
What Durham thought should be done with the French people in Lower Canada?
French should be forced to speak english and practice english values. Also English colonists would be the majority of population.
What was the Act of Union?
The uniting of Upper adn Lower Canada, in 1841, Upper Can= Can West, Lower Can= Can East.
Who was Lord Elgin?
Governor-General of 1846
What did Lord Elgin accomplish?
Asked the reform leaders to choose a rep to advise him, and Elgin promised to hear the word of the people.
political party- Louis LaFontaine?
Reformers- Lower Canada
Who was Louis Lafontaine?
The reform leader of Canada East
What was the Rebellion Losses Bill?
A bill proposing that money should be paid to people who lost their property during the rebellion i.e- houses, fences, barns, livestock, wagons and personal property.
Why did Elgin sign the bill?
Becuase he was outnumbered and he thought that if he didnt danger would come towards his family.
What was the Family Compact?
wealthy,high class people, loyal to Britain. Judges, clergy, banker, lawyers, military officers, and leading business people
What was the Chateau Clique?
English governors of Lower Canada
What are clergy reserves?
1/7th of all surveyed land was granted to the Anglican church.
What was the cause of discontent in Upper Canada?
the peoples word wasnt being heard. Their elected reps would pass bills, but the executive and legislative councils wouldnt sign them.
who were executive and legislative council?
people appointed by the governor to help with the decision to sign bills.
what was the problem with the land in Upper canada?
most of the land was given to settlers and the Family Compact. Only 10% of the land was producing crops. Natives were forced to move to Reservations in the Georgian Bay area.
what was the trouble with the roads in Upper Canada?
Farmers needed roads to get their products to market. The Roads were only easily accessible in the winter.
What did gov't in Upper Canada do in the area of transportation?
spent large amounts of tax money building canals that benifitted merchants and not the farmers.
What made the Farmers upset in Upper Canada which led to the rebellion in 1837?
The farmers found that they couldnt borrow money to improve their farms. They found that the government was giving money to everyone but them
Who was Samual Lount?
A blacksmith from Holland Landing- leading supporter of W.L Mackenzie
Who was Peter Matthews?
A farmer from Pickering- leaing supporter of Mackenzie
What happened to the country after the rebellion?
The country lost 25,000 citizens out of its once 300,000`
What was the cause of discontent in Lower Canada?
The French were angry that the government wasnt passing the bills to preserve the french culture.
Also the English were getting more benifits (LAND)
Why did the rebellion fail in Lower Canada?
there was lack of planning, and only 1/10 of the Patriotes had a gun. Also the Roman Catholic church didnt approve of armed rebellion.