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how can you tell the teh compress command was used on a file?
the file will have a .Z appended to it.
what is the mt command used for?
move tape(mt) you can move magnetic tape to eof markers using the mt command.
how do you access the unix calculator? how do you exit the unix calculator?
bc, ctrl d
what does the tar command used for?
used to archive and extract files to and from a single file called a tar file.
how do you create an executable script from a text file?
type chmod +x {filename}
in the command grep -i, what does the flag -i do?
-i tells the command to ignore the case.
Name 2 ways to locate a file.
find and grep
what does grep stand for and what does it do?
global regular expression print. you can locate text within files
What are the wildcard characters for unix?
? = one character
* = all characters
in the command ln -s, what is the -s flag and what is it used for?
-s creates a soft link. this allows linking to a file on a different file system.
What flag do you use to sort numbers?
sort -n
how do your run a process in the backgroung?
add the ampersand (&) after the command. ex: find / -name force -print > force.files &