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"macro which allows for replacement constants."
"preprocessor else statement. "
"preprocessor end if statement."
"preprocessor if statement. "
"preprocessor directive. "
"preprocessor directive."
"matches any character or string of characters "
"file configures login process "
"file configures system passwords "
"NFS/RFS information directory "
"file containing ethernet addresses to hosts "
"NFS non SysV 4 mountable resource table"
"get tty input "
"file containing host names "
"default printer name file "
"mailing groups mail alias file "
"central mail alias file"
"individual names mail alias file "
"holds the list of mounted file systems "
"file where default shell is specified "
"run level 2 startup script "
"run level 3 startup script "
"file contains user passwords "
"file for your devices"
"usage of defined"
"poll times file"
"recognized node name file"
"limiting retry count"
"account programs directory"
"/var/adm account"
"data directory "
"summary accounting reports"
"file keeps tracks of su attempts"
"directory with news files"
"directory with cron files"
"destination status file"
"printer status file"