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What are myoepithelial cells like? What do they do?
They have properties of fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells. They help express secretions from glands.
What connections hold epithelial cells firmly in place?
Cells are tightly joined to each other, as well as the basal lamina, and the basal lamina is attached firmly to the underlying connective tissue.
What are the steps of metastasis in epithelial cells?
Cells de-differentiate, then lose their intercellular junctions and adhesion molecules, then become detached from each other and from the basal lamina, then secrete enzymes to degrade basal lamina, then regain motility and move into connective tissue.
What part of the body does cancer spread through most? Why is this?
The lymphatic system, because the endothelial cells of lymph vessels have large gaps between them.
Where is cancer in the lymphatic system most noticeable?
In the lymph nodes, since cancer cells get stuck in the nodes and block them, causing them to enlarge.
What are some purposes of connective tissue?
Support, linking of tissues and organs, wound repair, protection of body against infection.
What is a fibroblast?
A cell that will mature into connective tissue.
How does skeletal muscle differ from other types?
It contracts more powerfully, but is more easily fatigued.
Smooth muscle cells are also called...