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What was the first form of medical imaging?
How were "soft structures" in the body first viewed?
By having the patient ingest vascular/GI contrast media (like barium).
What are some advantages of ultrasound? Disadvantages?
Detailed cross-sectional imaging, real-time imaging, good spatial and contrast resolution, no radiation used, low cost/widespread availability, and versatility are all advantages. No major disadvantages (others just have higher resolution).
What are some advantages of CT scans? Disadvantages?
Advantages - Great anatomical detail within one breath hold, can now do low-dose screenings.

Disadvantages - Great detail comes at the expense of increased radiation dosage, and cost is an issue.
What are some advantages of MRI? Disadvantages?
Advantages - Great contrast between tissues, better than CT or ultrasound at distinguishing pathologic and normal tissues, and no radiation used.

Disadvantages - Cost.
What does "PACS" stand for, and what are they?
Picture archiving and communication systems. They allow for retrieval of large amounts of digital imaging data.
What are some advantages of radiographs? Disadvantages?
Advantages - High resolution, low cost, widely available, familiar technique, good at distinguishing tissues of different densities.

Disadvantages - Difficulty distinguishing between adjacent structures without contrast media.
What is fluoroscopy?
A live image created by an ongoing beam of x-rays.
What is "angiography," and how is this used?
It is the imaging of vessels, and is used in imaging and treatment of disease processes.
What does "nuclear medicine" involve?
Injecting radioactive, gamma-emitting chemicals into the bloodstream, and using a gamma camera to detect physiological and metabolic function.
What are some areas where MRI is important?
Imaging soft tissue around joints, neuroimaging, cardiac, vascular, and abdominal imaging, obstetrical and mammographic imaging.