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Northe West Passage
explorers tried to find a passage from the atlantic to the pacific
rich people who owned many plantations
Nanthaniel Bacon
led the rebellion against the Virginia government because of bad conditions in the colony
indentured servants
colonists who sign a contarct in which they worked for 4-7 years, in return they are paid their way to America
Jaques Cartier
french explorer who seached for the North West passage 3 times, instead found Canada, St. Lawrence River, and New Foundland
taught the Pilgrims planting and survival skills to help them improve the Plymouth colony
Henry Hudson
founded the hudson river and New Netherlands
extereme sect of Puritans who wanted to cut all ties from the Church of England
a Seperatist group left England and fled to New Netherland to escape persecution
written permission (document) to form (start) a colony
Protestant Reformation
started in order to reform the Roman Catholic Church
Martin Luther
started the Protestant Reformation
a division in a Church
John Smith
English explorer who helped the colony of Jamestown, Virginia; helped them build shelter thus decrease in death rates
Bacon's Rebellion
led by Nanthaniel Bacon, was an uprising against the Virginian government for bad conditins
John Rolfe
found tobacco, making a profit for the London Company thus saving Jamestown
Headright System
allowed you to gain 50 acres of land if you went to Virginia and an additional 50 acres for every other person you brought along
a religious group
New Netherlands
where the Pilgrims fled to from bieng persecuted my the English
people who come to a new land after leaving their land of birth
William Bradford
leader of the Pilgrims, and first governer for Plymouth(30 year term as gov.)
Powhatan Confederacy
gave food to the colonists at Jamestown, Virginia. Taught them the land and how to get food. Native Americans
Sir Wlater Raleigh
chartered the first expedition to Roanoke Colony
Roanoke Island
where Wlater Raligh came and settled and entire colony (113 people) in 1587, he came back in 1590 and found it deserted
Mayflower Compact
was one of the first attemts at self-government
a common belief of a country