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afficio, ere, affeci, affectus
affect, afflict with
amitto, ere, amisi, amissus
lose, let go, send away
audio, ire, ivi, itus
clamo, are, avi, atus
noise, shout, cry out
committo, ere, misi, missus
join together, commit, entrust
contineo, ere, ui, tentus
hold (together), contain
convenio, ire, veni, venturus
come together
convoco, are, avi, atus
call together
dico, ere, dixi, dictus
say, tell
dubito, are, avi, atus
hesitate, doubt
duco, ducere, duxi, ductus
lead, draw
efficio, ere, effeci, effectus
make (out), bring about, complete
fugio, ere, fugi, fugiturus
run away, flee
lego, ere, legi, lectus
collect, gather, choose, pick, read
moneo, ere, ui, itus
remind, warn, advise
pervenio, ire, veni, venturus
come through, arrive
premo, ere, pressi, pressus
press, press hard
propero, are, avi, aturus
reduco, ere, reduxi, reductus
lead back, bring back
rogo, are, avi, atus
ask, ask for
scio, ire, scivi, scitus
spero, are, avi, atus
hope (for)
supero, are, avi, atus
conquer, excel, overcome
sustineo, ere, tinui, tentus
hold up, maintain, endure, withstand
traho, ere, traxi, tractus
draw, drag
valeo, ere, valui, valiturus
be strong, be well
vulnero, are, avi, atus